Democrats Push the Limits of Absurdity in Politicizing the Pennsylvania Bridge Collapse

Early Friday morning, a stunning collapse happened in Pennsylvania. On Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh, a bridge crossing a ravine collapsed into several different sections, injuring 10 people. As the evening approached, local authorities ended the search and rescue mission, and began the recovery phase.


In a normal, not insanely polarized world, this would be a local news story, perhaps warranting a few-seconds highlight on some of the national shows. Yet, we do not live in that world. Thus, Democrats have decided to push the limits of absurdity in trying to politicize the event.

When Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican, chimed in to express his support for those working the scene, these were some of the responses.

How well-reasoned and articulate, right? Per these galaxy-brains (and many others), because a bridge collapsed two months after Pat Toomey voted against an infrastructure bill that still passed, he’s got blood on his hands. Whose blood, given that no one died, I’m not sure, but I’m assured that his hands are bloody nonetheless.

It’s a ridiculous assertion on its face, but it becomes more ridiculous when you dig into the details here. Apparently, this bridge had a checkered inspection history and was a known problem going back several years. Guess who’s in charge of Pennsylvania’s state government and would have had the power and resources to deal with this bridge? Yes, that would be the Democrats, including Gov. Tom Wolf. Further, the mayor of the city where the collapse happened is also a Democrat.


Yet, somehow, this is the fault of a Republican senator with zero state and local control because he didn’t vote for a bill that passed anyway — but hasn’t even had its funds allocated yet.

Is your mind blown yet?

In the end, chalk this up as another example of how shameless Democrats are. They can take any situation and transform it into a bludgeon against their political enemies, even when it’s their own party that’s actually at fault. The truth is that an infrastructure bill, even if it were passed a year ago, would have likely had no effect on this bridge. Clearly, there were failures at the local level that occurred, and not everything is the fault of the federal government not spending enough money.

Those that can think critically see right through all this hand-wringing. If you don’t, you are probably a Democrat.


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