Joe Biden and Other Deranged Liberals Ghoulishly Politicize Deadly Tornadoes

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As RedState previously reported, Kentucky and other states were ravaged by a series of tornadoes last night that left dozens dead and some cities resembling bombed-out warzones. A state of emergency has already been declared, as rescue attempts remain ongoing.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but when a natural disaster like this occurs, the last thing that’s appropriate to do is to try to score political points on the backs of the deceased. Yet, many on the left just couldn’t help themselves, and while I originally tried to ignore it, when the President of the United States decided to join the chorus, it became just a bit much.

But let’s start with Alexander Vindman’s wife mouthing off about things she has no knowledge of. You’ll be shocked to learn she’s just as much of a political hack as her husband.

No, this is not what “climate change” looks like. Even if you believe in man-made global warming, the existence of such does not mean large tornadoes are a new phenomenon caused by it. To suggest that is completely moronic and contrary to history. Major tornados have been striking the United States since it was constituted as a country, and the landmass it sits on has been hit by them for far longer than that.


I grew up in the South. I remember hearing stories about catastrophic tornadoes. Most people knew of someone who had been killed by one at some point. Every single year of my life that I can recall, lives have been lost due to large tornadoes. Unfortunately, they are a devasting reality for parts of the country. No amount of “Green New Deal” garbage is going to change that. For someone to be so deluded by their own sense of political superiority that they’d suggest such before the bodies are cold is absolutely disgusting.

And as I said above, Joe Biden also decided to play this game.

Will the fact-checkers rush to denounce this crap? What evidence is the president offering that a supposedly warming climate was the cause of the severity of the tornadoes that hit multiple states last night? Because I’m not hearing any presented at all. Instead, I hear generic leftwing talking points, using hurting and dead Americans as political props.

This is why many on the right call climate change a cult. Like apocalyptic doomsday adherents, almost everything negative in the world is attributed to the actions of their god. In this case, a natural weather event that has happened repeatedly over the entire history of the planet is somehow the fault of the Industrial Revolution. It’s insulting in its sheer stupidity.


They couldn’t just wait one day? They couldn’t let the funerals happen before rushing to make this tragic event some kind of proof text for their cultish beliefs? Honestly, I find this kind of thing objectively evil. These people are so obsessed with the false idea that they can control everything around them that they are now blaming natural disasters on the very people being struck by them. A few decades ago, everyone would have agreed that was out of bounds and immoral. Today, it’s par for the course for Democrats.


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