It Sure Seems Like Dr. Fauci Is Suggesting Joe Biden Lied About His 'Africa Ban'

It Sure Seems Like Dr. Fauci Is Suggesting Joe Biden Lied About His 'Africa Ban'
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

With the Omicron variant now looking to only produce a mild whimper (and possibly become a far preferable dominant strain), the revisionist history on Joe Biden’s “Africa ban” is beginning. And who else should we be expecting to position themselves on both sides of the issue if not Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Yesterday, the good doctor appeared to suggest that he was against the initial ban, calling it “knee-jerk” and suggesting it was unethical for countries “including the United States” to put such measures in place.

The lack of shame this guy possesses is truly something to behold. Last I checked, he publicly announced the “Africa ban,” noting it as necessary to buy time and reduce the spread. Further, Joe Biden himself, when pressed on the details of the plan, deflected to his “medical team,” claiming they are the ones who came up with the recommendation. Guess who runs Biden’s medical team? Yes, that would be the vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci, peace be upon him.

Yet, here’s Fauci claiming the decision was knee-jerk and pretending as if he wasn’t intimately involved in it. In that light, it sure seems like he’s suggesting that Biden lied when he blamed his advisors, including Fauci, for the implementation of the ban.

And you know what? I think I believe Fauci here. If he’s shown anything, it’s that he’s a globalist hack, and I don’t mean that phrase in the generally lazy way some on the right often use it. No, I mean it quite literally based on the evidence Fauci has provided. He is continually bleating about our responsibility to the world, and while he’s fine with locking down American citizens, he’s always shown an aversion to banning travel from third-world countries in response to COVID-19. His subservience to China also plays into a trend of Fauci preferring the “world community,” including genocidal communists, to protecting the people who pay his bloated salary.

Given that, I tend to think that Biden was, in fact, lying when he tried to blame Fauci and his team for this latest travel ban. So how do I think it really went down? I think Fauci once again recommended against a ban (just as he did during the Trump administration) but that Biden felt the political pressure after Europe went ahead with one. The difference is that this time, Fauci didn’t publicly disagree with Biden as he did with Trump because Fauci is a partisan Democrat.

Still, even though I think Fauci is telling the truth via what he’s insinuating, I find his position to be inexplicable. In the clip, he mentions travel bans as being driven by “nationalism,” as if it’s a bad thing to protect one’s own country. That’s the kind of mindset this guy operates under. He’s not an unbiased, laser-focused public servant. Rather, Fauci is a politician through and through who continually falls back on his own ideology. If that means putting Americans at risk so he isn’t called xenophobic, then so be it.

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