Pfizer Puts out a Meme That Has Everyone Talking

Big Pharma apparatchik and vaccine producer Pfizer decided to get in on the meme game yesterday. And while that wouldn’t normally be newsworthy, they’ve gone viral in all the wrong ways. The company also started blocking large, conservative accounts that dared to push back.


Here’s the condescending jab that has everyone talking, at least on social media. Note that they turned off replies because government leeches rarely appreciate criticism.

It’s no coincidence that this got dropped right as the debate over vaccinating children has started to heat up. You see, Pfizer sees major profits in shooting kids up with a substance the science does not dictate they need, and you can bet they will be supportive of mandates if and when they come down the pike.

Honestly, there’s just something really creepy and gross about a company that survives off the backs of taxpayers taking shots at those who might have questions and concerns. This is the new American oligarchy in action. Or perhaps we should call it fascistic? Either way, the expanded connections between the federal government and certain private businesses that have developed under Joe Biden are disturbing at best and tyrannical at worst.

Besides, isn’t science supposed to test theories instead of arbitrarily dismissing them as misinformation when it gets in the way of deposits into Big Pharma’s bank account? Where are the longitudinal studies on the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines on children under 18? It is not a conspiracy theory to ask for more data. Rather, it’s an observation of the reality that there is no clear and present danger to children that dictates we rush matters here.


Parents are correct to have reservations when we know that their kids are more likely to die of the flu or a head injury than COVID-19. That’s not to say the coronavirus poses zero threat. There will always be exceptions when dealing with any virus, especially when talking about children with pre-existing conditions. Perhaps they should get vaccinated? Still, when talking about the general population, the numbers are the numbers. Public policy, including vaccination policy, should not be set by hysteria, but by a sober reading of the facts with an eye toward what is truly necessary and what’s not.

In my view, Pfizer is lashing out based on concerns about its bottom line. Further, nothing they are doing is going to win hearts and minds, assuming that’s the goal. It’s probably time for a new social media manager.


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