Joe Biden Makes Veiled Threat About Schools and Vaccinating Children Against COVID-19

Joe Biden Makes Veiled Threat About Schools and Vaccinating Children Against COVID-19
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Joe Biden’s press conference yesterday has provided a bounty of topics to hit and that continues with a veiled threat he shared yesterday involving vaccinating children against COVID-19. According to the president, that needs to be done in order to keep schools open, a contention that makes no sense whatsoever.

I’ll explain what I mean shortly, but here’s the clip in question.

As someone who has school-age children, this kind of thing is especially infuriating to me. Schools across the country, specifically the South, have been open going back to August of 2020. They did not hurt children by keeping them in front of Zoom screens when it was perfectly obvious that it was safe for kids to return to the classroom. Do you know what happened? Absolutely nothing of note. School’s functioned and children learned, proving that there was never a reason to shut down schools in the first place.

Meanwhile, people like Biden, including the big teachers’ unions, fought to keep them closed. Now, this late in the game, they want to once again threaten the closing of schools in order to get their nonsensical, unsupported way.

I’m not here for it, and no other parent should be either. There is no scientific basis to force the COVID-19 vaccines on children. They are more at risk from the flu than from the coronavirus. Do we force flu shots on kids? Of course not, because that would be ridiculous. Yet, there’s nothing Biden likes more than exercising power he doesn’t actually have. For all the “moderate” talk while he ran for president, he has been exposed as just as an incredibly petty man with a god-complex to boot.

Schools are not at risk of being closed by COVID. Further, children without pre-existing factors face essentially no risk from the virus. For the federal government to use kids as pawns like this is gross. It’s also really selfish because none of this is actually about children. It’s about making power-hungry adults feel good about themselves. The vaccines are readily available and have been for almost a year. Anyone who is at risk is welcome to go get it.

But for my part, I will not be giving my children a short-lived vaccine for a virus they aren’t at any significant risk from. I believe I’m far from the only one, as well, and I think this is going to represent a red-line moment for many people, including those who have been vaccinated themselves. Enough is enough. Leave the kids alone.

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