The Contrast Could Not Be Clearer in Virginia as Terry McAuliffe Makes a Last Gasp Effort to Save His Campaign

The Contrast Could Not Be Clearer in Virginia as Terry McAuliffe Makes a Last Gasp Effort to Save His Campaign
AP Photo/Cliff Owen

We are now just a day away from the polls opening in Virginia and things are neck and neck. While Republican Glenn Youngkin enjoys a slight lead in the average of polls and has also led in all but one of the most recent surveys, it’s anybody’s game at this point.

Virginia’s left-leaning electorate, specifically bolstered by the federal government bastions in the north, makes a Youngkin victory a complicated affair. Yet, he’s run an excellent campaign that has focused on the issues that voters actually care about, including the rights of parents to have a say in their child’s education.

Meanwhile, the contrast could not be clearer when you look at Terry McAuliffe’s campaign. Case in point? Here’s what the two candidates are doing in the final moments of the race.

On one hand, you have Youngkin focusing like a laser beam on a part of the electorate that crosses party lines and hits at the heart of the very future of his state. On the other hand, you have McAuliffe talking about Donald Trump again. Which message do you think resonates more with Virginians at large?

What makes this even dumber, though, is that McAuliffe said just yesterday that this race isn’t about Trump. That marked a significant departure from his prior claims and showed that he knew he was losing. Yet, like crack to an addict, McAuliffe just can’t help himself from going back to that well. He quite literally has nothing else to run on so he’s doubling down in the final moments of the campaign.

Ask yourself what matters more to voters? That Donald Trump merely exists while having no role at all in Virginia politics at all? Or that children are being taught Critical Race Theory while school boards cover up sexual assaults? Heck, and I haven’t even mentioned the economy yet, another big factor that affects everyone who will go to the polls tomorrow. In short, on the issues that matter, Youngkin is the better option by a mile.

No one’s life is going to be affected by Trump holding a virtual rally for Youngkin. Yet, people’s lives are affected every day by a bad economy and a broken school system that values rabid leftism over educating children properly. That’s the contrast in play here. Do left-leaning Virginians want to feel good for a couple of days about thwarting Trump? Or do they want to facilitate a return of prosperity to their state? The choice is clear. Now, voters just have to make it.

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