Dr. Anthony Fauci Definitively Proves He's a Shameless, Lying Hack Who Needs to Be Prosecuted

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Over the past few days, several big pieces of news broke in regards to Dr. Anthony Fauci. The nation’s leading “expert” on COVID-19, a title mostly given to him by political means, had previously had numerous battles with Sen. Rand Paul, among others, involving whether Fauci’s agency had funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab of Virology in China.


That’s important because such research could have directly or indirectly led to the creation of COVID-19. At the very least, giving US taxpayer dollars to a Chinese lab that was performing dangerous experiments should have been out of bounds.

For over a year, Fauci has steadfastly denied the allegation that any funding went toward gain-of-function research. That’s despite several pieces of evidence emerging that indicated otherwise. During one contentious debate, Fauci viciously accused Paul of lying.

Now, we know the truth after the NIH admitted that grant money had been used for gain-of-function research and that proper protocols had not been followed. This morning, Fauci was asked about that, and he proved once and for all that he’s a shameless, lying hack.

“Well, I obviously totally disagree with Senator Paul. He’s absolutely incorrect. Neither I nor Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the NIH lied or misled about what we’ve done.

The framework under which we have guidance about the conduct of research that we fund, the funding at the Wuhan Institute was to be able to determine what is out there in the environment, in bat viruses in China. And the research was very strictly under what we call a framework of oversight of the type of research.”


Fauci does not get to disagree with reality. The facts are out there, and they prove that the doctor lied to Congress multiple times. They also prove that Fauci is incredibly vindictive, in that he would so personally attack Rand Paul for simply telling the truth about what occurred.

Here’s Fauci’s exact quote to Congress, which is in direct conflict with the NIH letter that admitted to funding gain-of-function experiments in Wuhan.

Compare Fauci’s doubling down to the letter.

Lying to Congress is a crime. Fauci clearly lied to the Senate when he pointedly denied his agency had funded gain-of-function research. Instead of playing dumb and claiming he just wasn’t aware, he’s continuing to lie to a largely compliant media. It won’t happen because the Biden administration will protect him, but Fauci should absolutely be prosecuted. He has been a disaster in his position, just as he was during the AIDS crisis.


That this man still has a job, as the highest-paid government official no less, is absolutely gross. Never mind the revelations that his agency also brutally tortured dogs to conduct experiments. The pressure is on, and I hope it brings Fauci down. No one deserves it more than the most pompous, dishonest man in the federal government, and that’s saying something.


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