The CDC Signals Another Major Goalpost Move on Being 'Vaccinated'

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

If you bet that the goalposts would never stop moving when it comes to being “vaccinated,” you can collect your winnings at the window.

CDC Dir. Rochelle Walensky announced yesterday that they are looking to “update” the definition of what it means to be fully vaccinated. This follows a Biden administration trend of incoherence, making COVID-19 mitigation a continually moving target while promising people a return to normalcy — if they just do what they are told. There’s always another “one last thing,” though.


That follows a push to get boosters into people’s arms amid possibly waning immunity, though, there’s been precious little evidence shown that boosters are actually necessary. Instead, we continue to get studies that pronounce how effective they are, without denoting the true statistical difference between a two-dose and three-dose individual. Is a booster raising immunity from 60% to 95%? Or is it raising it from 92% to 95%? That’s an answer the American people deserve to know, so that they can make their own risk assessment.

But the administration doesn’t want you doing that. Rather, they want justification for more mandates, and by virtue, more power overall. You can bet that any definitional change in what it means to be vaccinated with be followed by a shift in how vaccine passports are handled and a fresh mandate that you must get a third dose. There’s no reason to believe they would suddenly stop the tyranny now.


The tyranny is the point, though. This pandemic is never going to truly end, as long as Democrats are in charge of the response to it. That’s why we continue to see no admission from the federal government that natural immunity exists and is effective. They see far too much opportunity in keeping people scared and beaten down. The White House has admitted as much, saying that the pandemic is a chance to remake the entire economy, and they aren’t going to let that chance dissipate until they either get their way or they are booted out of office. The American people need to make sure it’s the latter, because this doesn’t stop until you stop complying.


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