Donald Trump Is Being Accused of Obstruction of Justice Again

Everything that’s old is new again. That’s the feeling I got after seeing accusations of “obstruction of justice” flying around in the past day toward former President Donald Trump. The former president has instructed several members of his White House, including Mark Meadows, to not comply with subpoenas from Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s farcical January 6th committee.


In response, the left-wing legal minds are going nuts.

That’s Laurence Tribe, the brilliant academic and lawyer who advised Joe Biden to go ahead and illegally extend the eviction moratorium, a move that was eventually struck down by the Supreme Court. Tribe is also the genius that told Pelosi to hold onto the articles of impeachment against Trump in some ridiculous gambit to gain “leverage” over Mitch McConnell. In other words, he’s an absolute mental derelict who’s prone to peddling conspiracy theories and offering horrible legal advice.

Then there was this “legal analyst” from MSNBC.

They just keep recycling the same, failed playbook.

You do not need to be a lawyer to understand how subpoenas and privilege work, though, apparently being one that appears on MSNBC actually decreases your understanding of the issue. Trump has a right to instruct his former executive employees to reject the subpoenas on the grounds of executive privilege. That will then be litigated in the courts, likely all the way to the Supreme Court. Is it a stalling tactic meant to continue through 2022, at which point Republicans likely take back Congress? Probably, but the January 6th committee is a joke and deserves to be shunned with every legal maneuver available.


Further, even if you think the rejection of the subpoenas isn’t legitimate and should be responded to without due process, the charge would be contempt of Congress, not “obstruction of justice.” That won’t happen, though, because the current White House resident wants to preserve executive privilege for himself. As much as Joe Biden hates Trump, he knows that he’s going to need to make use of the same maneuvers at some point in the future. All presidents eventually do when faced with a Congress run by the opposition, and per every indicator, that’s exactly what Biden will be facing soon enough.

In short, this is more far-left idiocy propagated by a willingness to completely misconstrue the facts in order to go after the bad orange man. They are never going to stop and they believe legal protections do not apply to their enemies. The goal is to turn the January 6th committee into some kind of 2022 referendum. No one outside the beltway actually cares, though.


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