The FBI Somehow Manages to Become an Even Bigger Joke

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Yesterday, RedState reported on the disturbing announcement by the DOJ that the FBI would now be effectively treating school board protests as domestic terror threats. The insanity of that can’t be overstated. To the extent that there’s been unruliness at some local meetings, I’m unaware of a single serious threat, and even if there has been a physical altercation or two in this massive country of 330 million people, that hardly qualifies as a terrorist threat.


But the suppression of speech through intimidation is the point, and it’s something we’ve seen repeatedly from Democrat presidents. The weaponization of government agencies for political purposes is a gross abuse of power, and the FBI has been at the center of such abuses going back to the 2016 campaign with their embrace of the Steele dossier.

Yet, today the FBI managed to make an even bigger joke of itself. During a hearing, Rep. Nancy Mace pressed an official who admitted that they do not even track Antifa violence. Yet, he knew exactly how many cases involving “militias” there were.

Antifa is by far the most visible domestic terrorist threat in the nation. They run the streets of Portland and have committed overt acts of violence in cities across the country, including murder. Yet, the FBI doesn’t even see them as worthy of keeping up with? That’s an incredibly damning admission that confirms what a lot of us have suspected. Namely, that the FBI seems to only care about domestic terrorism when it fits a certain mold, specifically a right-wing one.


So to recap, if you try to burn down police stations in Minneapolis and beat people on the streets of Kenosha while shooting people in Texas, the FBI isn’t concerned with you or your group. Yet, if you show up and yell at a school board member who is trying to expose your child to pedophilia, the FBI is on the case. Sounds legit, right?

Luckily, we still have some figures on the right who are willing to push back on this. Ron DeSantis did so, letting it be known that he would not sit idly by while the feds harassed parents for simply exercising their First Amendment rights. And that’s really what this is about. The government wants to shut people up who dare to go against left-wing orthodoxy. That’s why they ignore Antifa while focusing like a laser beam on what appears to be an almost non-existent “right-wing” threat.


Remember, this is the same FBI who sent 12 agents to investigate a pull string in a NASCAR garage but is nowhere to be found when Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is accosted multiple times by far-left activists. Frankly, I’m done with the excuses. The FBI is not an organization that deserves the benefit of the doubt anymore. Rather, they deserve a skeptical eye that holds them to account for the obvious politicization going on behind the scenes and in their public actions.



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