The CDC Is Coming for Your Guns

The CDC Is Coming for Your Guns
Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

We’ve learned a lot about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the last year and a half. The once apolitical organization that ostensibly existed to study diseases and deliver health guidelines has now injected itself into all manner for daily life. From the CDC to… ludicrous requirements that crush businesses.

But now, they’ve found their next “crisis” to expand their power base and do the left’s bidding. The CDC is coming after your guns.

This has been hinted at for a while, with CDC Dir. Rochelle Walensky noting last month that she felt it was her agency’s job to deal with the “gun violence epidemic.” Of course, even that phraseology is nonsensical, as gun violence is not a disease and therefore can not become an “epidemic.” Rather, like all crimes, gun violence is the result of individual decisions to commit a specific act, not uncontrollable health issues that are out of the hands of people.

Yet, the left is always looking for a workaround when it comes to the Second Amendment, and this is no exception. Presumably, the CDC believes it can use regulations to curtail legal gun ownership under the idea that gun violence is an “emergency.” Emergency powers, after all, have formed the basis for much of the government’s overreach in the recent past.

But don’t expect them to try to actually confiscate your guns, because that would be too messy. Rather, you can expect them to be more underhanded than that. The Biden administration, for example, recently put a ban on the importation of Russian ammo, which was not only keeping ammo prices down but also represented a significant bulk of rifle ammo that is sold. Those are the kinds of moves to look for. If you can’t get or afford ammo, then what’s a gun worth?

Worse, in the end, nothing the CDC does will do anything to stop gun violence, because criminals do not obey the law. Most gang shootings are done with illegal guns, and they make up a large bulk of the murders in this country. A government that was serious about lowering gun violence would laser in on the real causes instead of the tools. Instead, the FBI is worried about “right-wing extremism.”

In short, all of this politics. Every single bit of it. The CDC, Joe Biden, and whoever else who will be involved in this do not think for a second that their actions will actually solve the problem. Instead, they see it as satiating their left-wing allies and their own tyrannical notions about gun ownership.

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