Tucker Carlson Goes There on Released January 6th Surveillance Video

Photo via Gage Skidmore

Yesterday, RedState reported on the release of January 6th surveillance footage. What made that significant is that federal prosecutors had fought tooth and nail to keep it under wraps. Per their assertion to the judge, it would endanger national security for Americans to see what really happened in regards to the breach of the Capitol Building.


Of course, in reality, their vigorous opposition to the video’s release was more likely about how embarrassing it was to their prosecutorial narrative — and the January 6th narrative at large that we see in the media. As I wrote yesterday, there was no violent rush. Rather, men in black opened up the doors and people strolled in, mingling, taking selfies, and generally appearing to pose no real threat.

Here’s what the video looks like.

Does that look like an organized insurrection ready to murder Congressional members and seize control of the government? Or does it look like protesters who are too dumb to understand the long-term consequences of them choosing to trespass?

Then there’s the issue of the black-clad men who opened the doors in what looked like a very organized, planned-out fashion. As Tucker Carlson pointed out last night, it’s rather convenient that 500+ people have been arrested but that we don’t know who those men are.


Carlson hits the nail on the head. We know who random grandmas who took selfies are, but we are to believe the feds just have no idea who the men are who opened the doors? Why are they not dressed like everyone else? Why do they seem to know exactly where to go and what to do? Why are they not stopped by the people already in the Capitol, who I assume are USCP officers? When the doors are opened, the people walking in almost seem surprised and confused. There was clearly no grand plan here by insurrectionists. Rather, it certainly looks like those who opened the doors were separate from the protest.

And while the narrative for a long time on the right was that these were Antifa operatives, that was always the wrong assumption, in my opinion. It always made much more sense that the men in black were federal agents, FBI or otherwise. Remember, this is the same FBI that essentially orchestrated the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping attempt. It’s the same FBI that had more agents at last week’s “Justice for January 6th” rally than there were actually protesters.


Further, if those aren’t federal agents in the video, then why hide that fact and fight so hard to keep the video that shows them under wraps? Why not just reveal who they are? The government could clear this up in an instant. After all, they can track down random people across the country who stole a beer from Pelosi’s office, but we are to believe they just don’t know who those men are? Give me a break.


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