Jen Psaki Sinks to a New Low in Defense of Mark Milley

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Earlier today, Gen. Mark Milley provided an on-the-record denial that he pledged to commit treason with the Chinese in order to undermine then President Donald Trump. Well, he sort of provided an on-the-record denial. In reality, he essentially confirmed he did what he did while offering a slew of meaningless qualifiers to make it look as if he were acting in a righteous manner.


Now, the White House is getting involved. Jen Psaki was asked about the situation today, and her answer truly represents a new low, though, I doubt this is the bottom.

Here’s what she said.

There’s so much wrong here that it’s hard to know where to begin, but let’s start with the idea that Milley was secretly talking to the Chinese, without the president’s knowledge, in order to stop an unlawful action. What unlawful action would that be? It’s very convenient that no one has provided an ounce of evidence that Trump gave such an order or that any such order was even possible.

Further, how does calling up a Chinese general stop an unlawful action from occurring back in the United States? Again, there’s no explanation given that makes any real sense. If the goal was to “stop Trump,” then you stop him by actually confronting him and refusing to carry out the illegal order. You don’t go behind the president’s back to tell the Chinese that when the order comes, you’ll warn them about it. If the goal is to stop the order, you do something that will actually stop the order.


That didn’t happen, though. Instead, it seems clear to me that Milley was delusional, hopped up on a false sense of grandeur, believing that only he could save the nation from the threat of Donald Trump. Yet, even assuming Trump was volatile, that does not justify how Milley behaved. There is no provision for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to conduct his own foreign policy and collude with political leaders to operate as a military dictator. That is the biggest violation of the constitutional order in well over a century.

Past that, let’s deal with the assertion from Psaki that Milley was justified in acting outside the chain of command because he was stopping an “insurrection” being “implemented” by Trump. The administration’s own FBI has found no evidence of any insurrection plot involving January 6th. That includes a lack of evidence that Trump himself was trying to foment such. Yet, Psaki just pointedly lies here by describing a situation that didn’t exist, using it to defend a literal pledge to commit treason by Milley.

Psaki also pushed the idea that none of this is an issue because Biden would never foment insurrection. That may be true, but it’s irrelevant to the issue at hand. Our government is supposed to operate within the guardrails of rules that can not be broken. The White House seems to be suggesting that violations of the constitutional order are fine as long as they are done for a righteous reason. But who defines what is righteous? What’s being suggested here is insane, and goes far beyond just being a slippery slope. Rather, it’s a cliff that some are gladly jumping off of.


There’s been a lot of crazy things to come out of the Biden administration, but today I truly feel like we are living in the twilight zone. We have the White House defending a military junta under a false guise of necessity. We have truly crossed a dangerous line as a nation, and what’s on the other side is anyone’s guess.


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