The Weak, Feckless Response From the National GOP to Biden’s Tyranny Begins

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Yesterday, the President of the United States essentially declared his power unlimited. Taking to the podium, Joe Biden, mimicking the mannerisms of an angry drunk, announced that he has ordered OSHA to create a rule to force all businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine.


In doing so, he threatened the unvaccinated, claimed he could get governors who resist “out of the way,” and asserted that “patience” was running out for those who don’t comply. It was truly the most disturbing, tyrannical speech I’ve ever heard from a president, and I don’t say that lightly. We have entered a new place as a nation, and that place is not good.

Given the severity of the situation, you’d hope a real opposition party would be ready to go. Unfortunately, the GOP is not a real opposition party so instead, we got bot-quality responses like this.

The issue here is not small businesses being attacked. There are real people who are going to be affected by this, even those who work for very large businesses, and they are the victims of this abuse of power. Businesses will just fire anyone who might cost them the $14,000 fine. It is the workers who will end up without a job and no income. When speaking out, they should be the priority.


Retreating to Chamber of Commerce approved platitudes about Democrats hating small businesses is the laziest response imaginable. It doesn’t move the needle an inch, and it once again shows the massive disconnect between the establishment GOP and the working class.

I’m gonna blow some minds here so be sure to sit down prior to reading on.

Joe Biden does not care about your lecturing. He does not care if you call him a liar. He doesn’t care if you point out his hypocrisy. He does not care about your threat to bring a lawsuit, though, those will be necessary. We are led by a senile old man with clear signs of dementia who is not going to run again in 2024 anyway. Biden has nothing to lose and he’s governing like it.

When it comes to messaging, there is only one thing the GOP should be saying: Do not comply.

I’m not asking the national Republican Party to do anything they don’t have the power to do. I’m not claiming they are weak for not passing legislation they don’t have the ability to pass nor am I asking for them to lead some national uprising I know they aren’t going to lead.


Rather, I’m simply asking them to grow a spine, to stop playing it safe, and to use their national platforms to pointedly tell people not to comply. That is the only way to beat this in any practical aspect.

Here’s a good example of that from J.D. Vance.

This isn’t difficult. Now is the time to take a stand. It’s not the time to be meek, worried that CNN might call you an insurrectionist. It is perfectly legitimate for Americans to recognize a blatantly unconstitutional action and to respond with non-compliance. In short, make Joe Biden enforce his dictatorial nonsense.



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