Kamala Harris Releases Perhaps the Most Tone-Deaf Picture of Her Tenure

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

RedState reported this morning on the chaos in Afghanistan, including the State Department now telling Americans to shelter in place and not attempt to transit to the Kabul airport for evacuation. But you wouldn’t know any of that was going on if you were paying attention to VP Kamala Harris.


Harris is headed to Vietnam and Singapore in the midst of the worst crisis of her tenure. Worse, she decided it’d be a great idea to release this cringe-tastic picture of her departure.

Do these people even have advisers? That’s a serious question. Where are the staffers in Harris’ orbit to say that this looks completely tone-deaf? Thousands of Americans are stuck behind enemy lines with no way to get out and the VP is posting glamor shots on Twitter of her ignoring the situation? Keep in mind, she has not even commented on the ongoing disaster in Afghanistan yet.

I realize Harris is as fake as it gets and she wants to project herself as a “leader” with these silly, staged shots of her waving (who’s she even waving to at 8:30 at night?), but there’s a time to just holster it for a little while. That time is when the administration she serves in is melting down before the eyes of the world.


Right now, we are being led by a senile buffoon who can’t execute the duties of his office (that would be Joe Biden for anyone wondering). Yet, the person next in line for the presidency if Biden reaches the point of no return would likely be even worse. Harris has no ability to manage a crisis, inspire confidence, or lead the American people. Heck, she can’t even manage her own public image when all she had to do was put Twitter down for a few days.

It should be obvious now why Harris went from dropping out before the first primary in the 2020 presidential race to being handed the job of VP to still finding her favorable ratings underwater. No one likes her, and it’s because she’s easily the most inauthentic politician of the current generation.



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