Watch: Deranged Beta Tries to Accost Tucker Carlson in a Bait Shop

Photo via Gage Skidmore

A video is going viral tonight showing Fox News’ Tucker Carlson being accosted by some left-wing beta that doesn’t understand common decency.

The confrontation happened in a bait shop where Carlson was presumably just looking to buy some supplies to go fishing with. Instead, he ended up with the jolly-left-wing giant in his face telling him that he’s the root of all evil in the country.


For his part, Carlson responded as you’d expect.

I’m pretty sure that dude should be less worried about Tucker Carlson and more worried about re-upping his gym membership.

People that act like this to those that they have political disagreements with should seriously seek help. There’s nothing normal about walking up to a Fox News host in a bait shop and crying about how he’s causing the downfall of the nation. Life exists outside of politics. That so many on the left can’t grasp that fact is a sad testament to how lost so many people are. I disagree with Joe Biden on just about everything. If given the opportunity, I would not walk up to Joe Biden in an ice cream shop (that’s kind of his place) and berate him in public. One, it would be classless, and two, it would be pointless. What would it accomplish?

But this is what you get when the media, including Brian Stelter’s potato squad over at CNN, constantly villainize Carlson because they are upset he’s taking all their ratings. You may disagree with the top-rated host on substantive issues. You may not like that he goes hard after government officials. But that’s not an excuse to push the idea that he’s literally killing people, something CNN hosts have suggested in no uncertain terms regarding COVID. That’s how you get events like the Congressional baseball shooting and Rand Paul and his wife being mobbed by violent protesters.


Carlson, as he has in the past, handled this confrontation with humor and calmness, which is exactly what you need in a situation like this. Still, people need to grow up and be better. I don’t care how much someone hates Carlson. They should operate with some general sense of self-control in these situations. Past that, Democrat politicians and liberal news personalities that seemingly egg this stuff on should take a break for a while before someone gets hurt.


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