Republicans Have One Move Left to Make Regarding Liz Cheney and They Better Make It

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To say Rep. Liz Cheney jumped the shark yesterday would be to ignore the fact that she’s been doing backflips over marine animals for a while at this point. Still, what transpired was ridiculous, and it also completely exposed what Cheney has become, at least to the extent that hadn’t already happened.


As RedState reported, the Wyoming congresswoman publically came out in support of Nancy Pelosi refusing to seat Jim Jordan and Jim Banks on the partisan January 6th select committee.

Cheney went on to accuse Kevin McCarthy, not Nancy Pelosi, of not wanting a “serious investigation.” But what truly makes Cheney look like the snake she is in this clip is not what she said specifically (though, fluffing Nancy Pelosi is bad enough), but rather, what’s being confirmed by her participation on the committee in the first place.

If Cheney were as principled as she and her dwindling number of supporters say she is, she would be refusing to participate until Pelosi removes Bennie Thompson, Jamie Raskin, and Adam Schiff from the committee. Thompson is the committee chair. Yet, he objected to the 2004 election. Raskin objected to the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff is a rabidly dishonest person who leaks like crazy to boot.

For Cheney to claim that this committee is righteous, publicly trashing her own party in the process, while some of its members literally objected to previous elections shows an incredible amount of hypocrisy on her part, and I know she’s smart enough to see the contradiction. That she won’t speak out against it shows this isn’t about principle for her. Rather, it’s about a vendetta.


Given that, Republicans have one move left to make – remove Cheney from the GOP caucus.

This foolishness has gone on long enough. It was one thing to obsess over on January 6th. It’s another to lock arms with Nancy Pelosi, endorsing her ridiculously staffed committee, in order to backstab Republicans who are being denied a seat at the table. Cheney is clearly not running for re-election at this point. There is no relationship left to save, and if Kevin McCarthy wants to be Speaker in 2022, he needs to show he’s strong enough to make tough decisions. Yes, there will be blowback, but there has to be some level of unity within the caucus. Members looking to destroy that have no business being a part of it anymore.

If Republicans can’t make this simple, easy move, they are telegraphing to voters that they’ll simply fold under pressure over future issues. Now is the time to stand up and let it be known that the GOP isn’t going to tolerate this kind of garbage. Cheney has to go.


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