Democrats Are Playing a Cynical Game With the Latest COVID Hysteria

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If you are paying attention to the current rhetoric and hysteria being pushed by Democrats and their media allies, you’d likely be under the impression that we are in the midst of another massive, devastating COVID wave. In fact, there’s little to distinguish what we are seeing from the left today in contrast to what we were seeing half a year ago when we were actually seeing 3000+ deaths a day.


The latest fear porn comes courtesy of the “Delta” variant, which began in India and has become the predominant point of discussion here in the United States. But does the data support the ridiculous reactions we are currently seeing?

In a word — no.

That’s not my opinion. Anyone can go look at the data for themselves. We are at around 250 deaths a day as far as the 7-day rolling average is concerned. The numbers are so low right now that you are over 10x more likely to die of heart disease than of COVID at this point. Compare that to last January, where we saw around 3,500 deaths a day, and it quickly becomes evident that there’s no reality intermixed into the current hysterics we are seeing from both the government and the media.

In the simplest of terms, what is happening today is a pandemic purely built on over-testing of asymptomatic individuals. Case numbers are not a barometer by which mitigation measures should be judged because case numbers have been decoupled from outcomes, and outcomes are what matter. Yes, Florida, for example, has seen a spike in COVID cases, but that is largely irrelevant because the most vulnerable groups are almost completely vaccinated. Thus, almost no one is dying or getting seriously ill during the current “wave” that isn’t actually a wave.


These facts matter because it exposes the anti-scientific nature of those that seek to use the Delta variant as yet another power grab. The vaccines work. Natural immunity via prior infection works. Given the lack of deaths associated with the current spike in cases, it is clear that we are at some semblance of herd immunity because of the numbers of people that have obtained those two things. By virtue of that, those pushing the hysterical notion that we are going to end up back where we were last winter are simply lying.

Further, the idea that the country needs to reenact ineffective mitigation measures (lockdowns and mask mandates) ignores the fact that the data simply isn’t there to support such a move. One, as I showed above, cases do not matter and we are nowhere near crisis levels, but also, things like masks and lockdowns clearly do not work anyway.

In closing, Democrats and their allies are playing a cynical game. They know the data doesn’t back up what they are proposing, but they see political gain in continuing to act as if the country is on the edge of being engulfed by the effects of COVID. Past that, they want to use irrelevant case totals as a way to bash their opponents such as Ron DeSantis. No one should be buying into this stupidity. There is no crisis, and for all intents and purposes, the pandemic is largely over. We are not going back, both in terms of COVID being a serious threat or in terms of lockdowns and mandates. Democrats and the media will cry about it — let them cry.



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