Surprise Court Ruling Lands a Major Blow Against Joe Biden and Illegal Immigration Advocates

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Fridays can be full of surprises sometimes, and we got one today regarding illegal immigration. A federal judge in Houston ruled that DACA, the long-challenged and debated amnesty program for illegal immigrants brought to the US as children, is illegal. That was part of a lawsuit brought by multiple states noting the unconstitutional nature of the program.


You may recall that the Supreme Court essentially punted on the issue in the summer of 2020 because Chief Justice John Roberts is a coward who decided to focus on how the program was ended instead of whether its original creation (under Obama) was legal or not.

(see The Supreme Court Rules Trump Can’t End the Illegal DACA Program Because Nother Matters Anymore)

US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen delivered this latest ruling.

DACA’s illegality has been obvious since the beginning. Barack Obama himself said over and over via public appearances that he did not have the power to do what he did. That was part of his pressure campaign pointed at Congress in an attempt to force through an amnesty bill. When that didn’t materialize, he acted on his own with authority he didn’t have.

On the merits, the idea that protective status via “deferred action” can be bestowed upon a certain group of illegal immigrants, thereby bypassing the delegated authority of the legislature, never held any real legal weight. Yet, as often happens with emotionally charged issues, courts, including the Supreme Court, have tap-danced around the issue instead of saying what everyone knows – that DACA is illegal.


Now, we finally have a judge who has put on record that the program is just that. There are also practical ramifications to this, such as DACA no longer being a magnet (at least until some higher court gets involved) for migrants looking to cross the border illegally. One of the most tragic aspects of the “compassion” shown by illegal immigration advocates, including Joe Biden, is that it encourages dangerous, deadly behavior that ultimately enriches the drug cartels.

Regardless, you can bet this fight isn’t over, though. Perhaps it’ll make its way back to the Supreme Court. This time, with one more conservative justice in place, they’ll hopefully answer the question of legality regarding the program instead of skirting the issue to rule on technicalities.


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