Federal Prosecutors "Paused" Hunter Biden Investigation to Avoid Campaign Issue for The Big Guy

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

As RedState reported yesterday, there is no shortage of corruption within the DOJ and the FBI. Agents were revealed to have lied about the handling of the Larry Nassar case, a pedophile who was eventually arrested by the State of Michigan after the FBI so botched their investigation. While the inspector general recommended charges, the DOJ, of course, declined to prosecute.

Today, more revelations surrounding the DOJ’s handling of the Hunter Biden investigation are raising eyebrows. Apparently, the US Attorney in Delaware paused the investigation completely in a pretty obvious attempt to ensure Joe Biden would not be harmed.

It’s one thing to not publicly announce the investigation, though, even that “rule” is selectively enforced. It’s another to forgo search warrants and subpoenas, things that could have been kept behind closed doors, giving Hunter Biden precious time to clean up his mess. How many Republicans and their children have been given that same deference? We know the investigation into Trump, which ultimately fell under the DOJ’s authority, certainly wasn’t paused for the 2018 midterms. Yet, for Hunter and Joe Biden, all “precautions” were taken. Where the investigation stands today is anyone’s guess because of the next point I’m going to make.

Note the disparate treatment in regards to leaks. We have basically been given a running play-by-play of a supposed investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz over the last half-year, but when it comes to Hunter Biden, the DOJ is a Fort Knox of informational security. That’s not a coincidence. Rather, it’s a testament to how corrupt many of the careerists there are.

The theme of selective leaks was a theme that started under the Trump administration and continues today. Information about any DOJ investigation of a Republican figure always seems to make its way to The New York Times and/or The Washington Post. Meanwhile, you might as well be looking for a lost city of gold if you want information about investigations centering on Democrat figures.

And I get the apologists will say “well, you don’t know for sure those leaks are coming from inside the DOJ.” Yes, I’m sure the constant stream of harmful leaks, always targeting only one political party, that reveal inter-agency workings aren’t actually coming from the DOJ. I also have a beach house in Arizona to sell.

In short, people are tired of the excuses. They’re tired of the corruption. They don’t care about the DOJ’s regulations or whatever other technicalities they hide behind. What they care about is that the DOJ continues to operate in a fairly blatant political manner and that even under a Republican president, the careerists were so entrenched that it didn’t stop. Hunter Biden is not Joe Biden. The investigation into him should not have been effectively halted in order to protect his father. Would a Republican have been given the same courtesy? I think you know the answer to that.