The FBI Further Proves It's an Irredeemable Dumpster Fire of Corruption

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Perhaps no organization over the last half-decade has seen its credibility falter more than the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The once-storied agency, having ostensibly overcome its history of corruption, was exposed for having done anything but during the Donald Trump era.


From its illegitimate use of garbage intelligence (the Steele Dossier) to initiate an investigation of the Trump campaign to its lies to garner a FISA warrant targeting Carter Page, there appeared to be no limits to how politicized the FBI was willing to become. That culminated in the current FBI Director’s stonewalling of record requests and the DOJ’s refusal to charge anyone who had clearly broken the law from inside the bureau. Of course, we can’t forget the near-constant selective leaks, always targeting one side.

Well, that trend continues. Earlier this week, bombshell revelations dropped that FBI agents had lied in order to cover up a botched investigation against pedophile Larry Nassar, who reportedly targeted at least 70 women between the time the FBI was alerted to his activities and his arrest by Michigan law enforcement via another investigation.

The FBI failed to properly investigate serious sex-abuse allegations against former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, according to the Justice Department’s inspector general, who also determined that FBI officials gave misleading or false answers when confronted about those failures.

The scathing report released Wednesday paints a disturbing portrait of the nation’s premier law enforcement agency being told details of what would become one of the most shocking cases of serial sex abuse in recent American history, yet failing to follow up with key witnesses or even notify other law enforcement agencies of potential crimes happening in their jurisdictions.

The report noted that according to civil court filings, about 70 women and girls were victimized by Nassar between the time when the FBI was first told of the allegations, and when Michigan officials arrested him on the basis of separate information.


If there was ever a point where FBI agents should have been charged for lying — something you’d be charged for if you did it to the FBI — this was it. Yet, as per our usual arrangement, the DOJ declined to prosecute because we clearly have two systems of justice in this country

Consider this your language warning for this next part as the victim’s lawyer rightfully loses it.

Is he wrong? No, he’s not wrong. The FBI can track down grandmas who took selfies at the Capitol and confiscate lego sets, but they can’t be counted on to take down a pedophile when the witnesses and evidence are staring them in the face. As a result, dozens of women were harmed who otherwise could have been saved.

And I get that the apologists will claim this was just another isolated incident or that there’s some technicality I don’t understand regarding the lack of charges. Frankly, I don’t care, and I don’t think the American people care. This is obvious corruption and it’s blatant. Not only that, it’s a disgusting display of dereliction of duty in the face of real victims. At some point, the excuses have to stop. Hiding behind the “the rank and file are good people” canard has to stop. Pretending that FBI Dir. Wray is anything but a company man looking to protect himself and his underlings has to stop.


There is no trust left in the FBI outside of the most rabid, left-wing partisans, and that’s only because those people feel the FBI’s politicization helps their side. The entire organization is tarnished and rightfully so. If current and former officials and agents don’t think that’s fair, they are welcome to push for the necessary reforms. But the excuse-making isn’t moving anyone anymore.



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