China Tries to Shame the U.S. and It Turns Out Hilariously Bad

Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

July 4th is over, but the bad takes just keep on coming. Apparently, Rep. Cori Bush and Toure have an international partner in their hatred for the United States.


China joined the fray last night via one of its state-run news agencies named China Xinhua News. In an attempt to shame the US, they put out a cartoon that plays on the country’s rising gun crime. Instead of being impactful, though, it turned out to be hilariously bad.

What followed was an all-time ratio, including a lot of reminders of China’s own history.

I know China prides itself on being a net exporter, but maybe they need to import someone who can speak and understand basic English because the translation here is just terrible. “Death from firearm” and “to freedom of shooting” sound exactly like you’d expect a Chinese national who loaded up Google translate to sound. In fact, right now, my Grammarly toolbar is going nuts trying to get me to fix those phrases after I typed them.

Besides, you know who’s not pushing the rise in gun crime in the United States? White guys in yellow beanies with weird-looking rifles. Given that, it’s kind of funny to note that even China has a little woke in them regarding how they frame things.

The responses flowed to the CCP sponsored cartoon flowed in. Many showed pictures of Tiananmen Square while others showed China’s past and current genocides. After all, we are talking about the most murderous nation in human history, with estimates of 60-90 million people killed by the government over the course of just a little over half a century. If there is any country that should sit out any discussion out about violence in another nation, it’s China.


But this is a window into the kind of propaganda the Chinese people are taught every day from the top down. It’s why you see such ferocious defenses of the very system and leaders that oppress them. The communists have ingrained in people that freedom is not only bad but that it leads to dangerous outcomes.

In the end, the cartoon is dumb and unintentionally funny. It lacks context and does not prove an actual correlation between freedom and violence. There are plenty of places across the United States with almost no gun laws (outside of those at the federal level) that enjoy virtually non-existent gun crime. The problem is not guns and never has been.


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