Ted Cruz Puts the Kibosh on Cori Bush's Disgusting Independence Day Comments

Bill Clark/Pool via AP

Yesterday, I reported on what was perhaps the worst Independence Day take to go forth over the holiday weekend, though, renowned race-grifter Toure did his best to one-up it (see The Most Disgusting, Ridiculous 4th of July Take Goes Forth).


“Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) decided that the Fourth of July would be a good day to let it be known that only “white” people are free and that the United States was built on stolen land.

Obviously, the amount of intellectual weight being thrown around by Bush here doesn’t come close to matching the physical. Her take ignores a mountain of context, not just in regards to the United States, but in regards to all of human history in general as well.

Sen. Ted Cruz saw her tweet and responded accordingly.


Cruz is correct. Bush’s comments are not some nuanced, well-thought-out position. Rather, they are the result of a person who just hates her country. There’s no reason to overcomplicate it by making it more than it is. This is a person who despises the nation that has given her so much and many of the people she shares with it. Not to mention she’s also just a blatant racist.

All of that means she fits right in with Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the rest of the far-left caucus in the House. In fact, Bush’s antics are almost boring at this point. Oh, you hate the United States and think it’s evil? Well, join the dozens of other Democrat House members who think the same thing.

For posterity’s sake, I will argue on the merits just a bit here, though. The United States is not built on “stolen” land. Rather, it’s built on a combination of bought and conquered land via several wars. That makes it not unique at all in the annals of history. Almost every single nation on earth gained and maintained its borders via force and bargaining. Nations that haven’t done so are a result of other nations doing it for them and then protecting them along the way.


In fact, every piece of land the United States now rests on was fought over and “stolen” by some tribe from another tribe long before Europeans arrived. That’s simply the way of the world. It doesn’t mean you don’t recognize the wrongs of history, discuss them, and learn from them. It does mean you resolve to live in the current reality as it exists, observing the totality of history, not just what fits the woke narrative.

As Cruz says, these misleading rants by far-left race grifters are meant to divide and nothing else. Bush wants power, and she sees power in division. There is no need to read any deeper into her rant than that.


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