Ron DeSantis Lets Loose on Dr. Fauci as the Feud Deepens

The feud between Gov. Ron DeSantis and Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to deepen. Fauci has previously trashed Florida’s coronavirus response, instead, laughably claiming that New York did things “correctly” despite having the second-highest COVID death rate in the nation.


(see Dr. Fauci Proclaims New York ‘Did It Correctly’ as His Credibility Burns to the Ground)

Now, DeSantis is hitting back in a new interview with The Daily Caller in which he likens Fauci’s rise to faux “sainthood” and noted how Democrats elevated charlatans throughout the pandemic simply out of hatred for Donald Trump.

“If you’re going to pick someone to be your liberal hero, they seem to be picking the wrong people,” DeSantis said, discussing how the media treated his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic versus how the media treated Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“I mean to pick Cuomo, the guy’s had a lot of problems,” DeSantis said with a laugh. “And then they elevated Fauci to basically sainthood, and yet we’ve seen Fauci’s been wrong about so many different things, and clearly he wasn’t honest with the American people about the origins of COVID.”

“So if you’re going to try to create a hero against your bad guy, if it’s Trump or whoever else, at least get it right,” the governor added. “It seems like the people they’re picking end up having a lot of problems.”


This hits on a key problem with the entire Democrat response to the pandemic. From the beginning, they sought to make everything opposition to then-President Trump. The outright banning of hydroxychloroquine in some states coupled with the overall media campaign against it is one of the best examples. We now have multiple studies (and untold numbers of real-world results from doctors prescribing it) saying that HCQ works in certain situations to lower the chance of death in those infected with COVID.

Instead of acknowledging that, the “scientific community” colluded with the mainstream media to run out and do laughable “studies” that tested all the wrong things, thereby “proving” that HCQ didn’t work. Except it did work in certain situations, and the rush to say it didn’t likely cost thousands of lives. All that just to oppose Trump.

Fauci’s elevation, as DeSantis points out is for the very same reason. It’s hard to remember at this point but Fauci was actually looked at with a skeptical eye by the press until he started to become directly oppositional to the president he was serving under. Again, the only requirement for “credibility” during the pandemic seemed to be attacking the bad orange man. Fauci was sainted and then went on to be wrong about everything from masks to herd immunity to lockdowns to vaccine efficacy.


DeSantis would hit other topics in the interview, including the false 60 Minutes hit piece that ate up news cycles at the time. Over and over, the left has tried to attack Florida’s governor, and over and over they’ve come out looking stupid in the end. DeSantis has a knack for turning the tables.

In the end, one man in this equation was right about COVID, and the other guy is name Fauci.


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