Someone Needs to Do a Wellness Check Over at CNN

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Things are getting out of hand over at CNN. You’d think a “news” network that exists to shill and promote the party that gained power in the 2020 election would take a deep breath, but things have only spiraled further for the liberal outlet. A quick look at the homepage of their website this morning illustrates that in stark terms.


See if you can spot the theme.

The header reads in bold letters “Democracy at risk” as if a foreign invasion force is bearing down on our coasts, threatening to topple life as we know it. In reality, the great threat visited upon the land is that Republicans filibustered a pointless partisan investigation looking into an event where the only person killed was shot by police. Of course, CNN is hardly alone on that point given the entire media has lost it over the lack of a commission.

When you are a “journalist” insisting that you need a partisan body to deliver the “definitive” report of something that’s already being investigated at the DOJ, you are giving the game away, aren’t you? The “account” these people want is a report written by investigators picked by Democrats that can be used to bludgeon Republicans in 2022, nothing more.


As you move across the screen, we then get some Paul-Ryan cheerleading, as if the former House Speaker is a seminal figure in politics that must be adhered to or great consequences will follow. Speaking of Ryan, be sure to check out Jennifer Oliver O’Connell’s excellent write-up on his “rally” at the Reagan Library. I’ll leave the take-down to her.

Lastly, CNN proclaims that “roughly one-quarter of Republicans embrace QAnon conspiracies.” I saw the poll they were referring to when it originally came out and responded to it with what is obviously true.

If the great tragedy of our current political movement is that a lot of Republicans think immoral, untrustworthy creeps run our government, we will be just fine.

CNN and the media at large have reached the point of complete derangement. They see doom and destruction around every corner, well, unless it’s coming from any facet of the left. In that case, they’ll make excuses for torching cities and killing cops. Regardless, imagine waking up this morning and putting together that homepage and thinking you are emotionally healthy? Someone should probably do a wellness check over at CNN


I’ll end by noting that this shows just how much the news media view Republicans as not just political adversaries, but dangerous enemies to be totally wiped out. What’s on that homepage is not just politics allowing for disagreement. Rather, it’s “otherizing” at a level that never works out well, and the intensity is not stopping.


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