Rush Limbaugh's Replacement Has Been Announced

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Iconic conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh passed away earlier this year from cancer. Limbaugh paved the way for sites like RedState and countless other outlets, whether written, watched, or spoken, in the right-leaning media-sphere, ending his life with a legacy as a giant among men.


Since his death, the question of who was going to take over his show has been at the forefront. Now, that question has been answered.

In a surprise move, Buck Sexton and Clay Travis will be hosting a show together in the time slot.

Sexton and Travis have both burst onto the scene the last several years, with Sexton rising to prominence at Fox News, later gaining a national radio show. Travis founded the sports reporting site Outkick and also hosts a morning radio show. The move to a duo format is obviously different from Limbaugh’s show, but there are reasons to believe it’s for the best.

Obviously, no one can come close to filling Limbaugh’s shoes so shifting to something noticeably different may relieve some of the unfair comparisons for Sexton and Travis as they move forward in the coveted slot.

As to their politics, Sexton and Travis fall firmly within the reformed right, for lack of a better description. Sexton is a staunch conservative who very much placed himself within the Trump wing of the party. Travis, while almost exclusively a figure in the sports world for most of his career, really began to change his views during the Trump era and branch out into politics, eventually interviewing the former president while heavily supporting the push to get sports going during COVID (specifically college football). Travis was a leading voice in pushing back on much of the COVID hysteria we saw throughout the pandemic.


I wish these guys the best. It’s a big role, but having listened to both of them, I think they’ve got what it takes to do something new and original. Of course, they will never be Rush Limbaugh, but that’s for the best.


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