Shocking New Data Shows Joe Biden Has Practically Abolished ICE

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After years of the left demanding the abolishment of ICE, they may have gotten their wish, if not technically, at least practically. Deportations dropped to under 3,000 total last month. That’s the lowest number on record for an agency that ostensibly exists to enforce immigration laws.


To put that 3,000 deportations in perspective, CBP reported 178,622 encounters with illegal immigrants in April of 2021. With almost none of those people being deported, they are instead being let out into the interior, often without even a court date to report back for. There is no immigration system anymore. It’s just a chaotic mess where CBP and ICE agents are left with their hands tied behind their backs.

Meanwhile, real people are suffering, including women and children who are abused or killed at the hands of the cartels who are facilitating the illegal immigration surge at the southern border. Because a Democrat is in charge, though, there is now very little coverage of what’s going on. That includes the record numbers of migrant children being kept in captivity as well, something that Trump was constantly lambasted for despite having far fewer in custody at any point during his administration.

What is the end game here? To illegally import the entire population of Central America? Where are these people going to go? Where are they going to work? Where will they live? Who is going to support them when they are thrown in the street with nowhere to go by the Biden administration?


This is not a sustainable situation. It’s also not humane at all. These are people with homes and families in their own countries and they should remain there unless they have a legitimate claim to asylum, and to be frank, almost none of them do. Economic hardship is not a legal reason to claim asylum. Further, drug cartels are extorting people, facilitating human trafficking, and doing far worse as this entire situation rolls on.

Morale has to be crashing at CBP and ICE. They are asked to risk their lives every day and for what? Nothing they do even matters, and they have to be feeling that reality. They aren’t allowed to do their jobs, and the system has essentially collapsed as a result.

Joe Biden is responsible for this and just like in 2016, I expect the backlash to be swift when it comes to American’s views on the border. Open borders are here, and that is not something most of the country supports.


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