Benjamin Netanyahu Throws Down the Gauntlet to Noted Beta-Diplomat Antony Blinken

Benjamin Netanyahu Throws Down the Gauntlet to Noted Beta-Diplomat Antony Blinken
State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha

While our president is doing interviews with drag-queen Youtubers and answering questions about skin care, there are real problems going on out in the world. Most of that responsibility has fallen to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has attempted to reinstall the Obama world order of weakness and chaos in record time.

Blinken has already been embarrassed by China after bending the knee to their human rights abuses, citing cultural differences. Apparently, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t impressed either. He threw down the gauntlet over the Iran issue, letting it be known that Israel won’t stand by while the Mullahs get nuclear weapons.

Here’s the statement via Fox News.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that the United States should avoid rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, one of President Biden’s campaign promises.

“I can tell you that I hope that the United States will not go back to the old JCPOA because we believe that that deal paves the way for Iran to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons with international legitimacy,” Netanyahu said, referencing the acronym for the nuclear deal, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

“We also reiterated that whatever happens, Israel will always reserve the right to defend itself against a regime committed to our destruction, committed to getting the weapons of mass destruction for that end,” the Israeli prime minister added.

The comments came during a joint presser after Blinken arrived in the Middle East to try to take credit for the recent Israeli-Hamas cease-fire. Of course, in reality, the Biden administration didn’t do much of anything, instead choosing to straddle the fence during the hostilities before once again endorsing the status quo that has gotten us nowhere in decades. The impotence is the point.

Netanyahu took the opportunity to let Blinken know to his face that Israel will not stand idly by while Iran builds a nuclear weapon nor will they go along with the farce that is the Iran JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal). Iran is a violent, terrorist-supporting dictatorship. Removing sanctions and giving them money to continue to wage war on Israel via proxy is asinine, though, that’s exactly what Biden is seeking to do. Someone should probably start asking why at some point.

Netanyahu also notes that Israel will not relinquish its right to defend itself, and in this case, that would include bombing Iranian facilities to keep them from acquiring nuclear weapons. In a more sane administration, these comments would be celebrated as evidence of the stalwart resolve of an ally. Under the Biden administration, they are dismissed as a roadblock to handing terrorists more money because nothing has to actually make sense when it comes to the Obama doctrine.

Blinken is the consummate worthless diplomat. He’s the guy who sits there while China lectures the United States on racial justice. Trying to negotiate and re-enter a deal with Iran is just more evidence of his fecklessness. There is no logical reason to do that. Israel recognizes that. That our leaders can’t is a bad testament to the current state of our government.

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