A Great Triggering Goes Forth Over the '1/6 Commission' as Republicans Get on the Right Track

Yesterday, RedState reported on the 35 House Republicans who decided to sign up for letting Democrats politically saw their heads off with a rusty blade (see 35 Republicans Vote to Walk Into a Partisan Buzzsaw). The bill to establish the ‘1/6 Commission’ passed and will now move on to the Senate where the road forward may be tougher for a left that is drooling over the prospect of further weaponizing the government to interfere in elections.


Because Mitch McConnell — and perhaps even Susan Collins if you believe her latest comments — has come out against the commission, that means the gnashing of teeth has started. Here’s purported journalist Tim Alberta wailing that we haven’t had “recriminations” yet.

Let’s break this down before we get to what Republicans have to do. The morning of January 7th would have been less than 24 hours after the unrest at the Capitol, correct? I just want to make sure I’m thorough here. Now, what happened after the morning of January 7th?

Well, we had an impeachment. Last I checked, that’s a pretty big freaking “recrimination.” We also have a DOJ/FBI investigation that has led to the arrest of hundreds of people, many of whom have been denied bail (and will be denied until the fall) for what amounts to trespassing. That sounds like a lot of recriminations to me. Further, the media has not shut up about it for five months. There have been plenty of recriminations on that front. Lastly, even on the question of Congress, House and Senate committees both have ongoing investigations at the committee level, and there will be recriminations processed from them.


So what exactly is Tim talking about when he insinuates there have been no recriminations? Does he want executions in the streets? Donald Trump to be drawn and quartered with CNN cameras rolling?

My question is largely rhetorical. We know exactly what Tim wants. He wants this commission so it can dominate headlines for the next year and a half until 2022. It’s that simple, and the attempt to pretend that January 6th is the equivalent of 9/11 is a purposeful political play. We all know it, Tim knows it, and ever hack, left and right, that is insisting this commission is so super-important knows it.

So what should happen? Republicans should hold the line. There shouldn’t give one inch on this commission. It serves no practical purpose except to give Democrats a bludgeon by which to attack their political enemies, all of which had nothing to do with January 6th. You do not feed the alligator that is promising to eat you.

Those 35 House Republicans who voted for this nonsense will have to be eschewed at this point. That vote is over. But the Senate can stop this thing cold and should do so. If not, those that go along with Democrats at this point deserve a primary challenge. The chief rule in politics is not difficult: Don’t be stupid. Republicans should take that to heart as the battle unfolds, but as it stands, it looks like they are on the right track to block this thing.



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