Liz Cheney's Retribution Tour Descends Into Derangement

Liz Cheney has been formally removed from House GOP leadership and she’s apparently not going to take her seat on the backbench quietly. In fact, she seems to be enjoying the newfound respect the left-wing media are giving her. Whatever national profile she had, that’s been raised because the media love a Republican who attacks other Republicans, and Cheney is very keen to play that role.


Last night, she went on Fox News and lost her mind, spewing accusations and doubling down on her lies about Russian bounties. Today, she’s making the rounds with every hack reporter she can find. Clips from an interview with Jonathan Karl are already being released.

This is bonkers stuff. Why would Kevin McCarthy, who had no part in the events of January 6th, need to testify before Congress about it? And a subpoena? If Democrats want to blow up their precious commission, that would be a good way to do it. Cheney is obviously just taking shots here, though. McCarthy originally had her back, supporting her during the last vote on her leadership position, and she spits in his face, contradicting him publicly and refusing to develop a forward-looking message for 2022. Now that he’s left her to her own devices, she’s shivving him in the back again.

Cheney wasn’t done though. After talking to Savannah Guthrie, a raging left-wing reporter, and Jonathan Karl, she saw fit to go on CNN and receive the requisite backslaps from Jake Tapper. Here was Tapper’s intro, just so you can get an idea of what kind of show Cheney decided to appear on to the detriment of her caucus.

In moments, Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney will join me live.

Cheney, as you might remember, was purged from House leadership this week, after standing her ground, telling the truth about Trump’s big lie, the 2020 election, the January 6 insurrection.

Today, House Republicans voted for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York to take Cheney’s place as GOP Conference chairwoman, cementing the party’s loyalty to Trump over, instead, traditional conservative principles.


But it was one claim Cheney made that stuck out as particularly absurd.

Well, that’s certainly a strong charge. Who exactly were these members who didn’t vote for impeachment because they thought Donald Trump would murder them? I mean, a few names might be useful here, Liz.

This is the kind of thing you don’t say if you aren’t going to back it up, but she does anyway. It also happens to be a favorite tactic of the left, using claims about anonymous figures to drive a narrative. Cheney is learning the ropes fast, I guess, and she’s more than happy to be a useful idiot for the mainstream media as long as it keeps her in front of a camera.

With her political career on the rocks, you can bet she’s already discussing a deal with CNN behind the scenes. Trump blew up her path to prominence and she’s not going to let it go. Expect her to push this division as far as she can take it. The only real question left is whether she’s allowed to remain in the GOP while she does so. I previously held the opinion that Republicans can have disagreements, but that you can’t lead if you are going to press those disagreements and hurt the party. For that, Cheney clearly had to go. But she’s going well beyond just an intra-party dispute at this point. She’s actively attempting to burn her own party to the ground to the cheers of the left. That can’t be allowed to stand.


Meanwhile, as Cheney continues to rant about January 6th over and over, real people are hurting. Inflation is out of control, the Middle East is in turmoil again, the job market has stagnated, and we are even having gas shortages. Those are the issues Republicans want and need to focus on. Cheney refuses to do that, and it’s probably time for her to go for good as a result.


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