Calls for Kevin Bacon Begin as Tyranny Hits Washington D.C.

No, this article is not satire. Our political environment is really just this ridiculous. Read on to discover just dumb things can get.

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. has banned dancing. Again, no this is not satire. Specifically, she’s now “allowing” limited attendance at weddings in the nation’s capital while prohibiting people from doing things that happen at every wedding. I’m surprised she didn’t place a moratorium on the bride and groom kissing as well, though, she may have and I’m just not aware.


Not only is this little tyrant banning dancing at weddings (and in other settings as well), but she won’t even commit to allowing dancing once everyone is vaccinated. I’m not sure what science she’s basing that on, but we know it’s not actual science.

Given the seriousness of this issue, calls for an unlikely hero have begun. What’s needed is a talented dancer who can face down this undemocratic ban, shaming the authorities that be into submission.

Get it? From the movie Footloose? Yeah, you got it.

The replies to Bowser are full of people making the reference, but is it really they that are being absurd? Or is it the actual mayor of a major city literally banning dancing?

This is the kind of thing people used to make fun of and scoff back at back before COVID made our political class absolutely insane, like those laws still on the books that ban petting another person’s goat or something.


If I’m in Washington D.C. and holding a wedding, I’m not only dancing. I’m dancing and putting the video up online. Make Bowser put her money where her tyrannical mouth is. Is she really going to arrest someone for dancing? If she doesn’t and instead levies a fine, there would be no shortage of lawyers at political outfits willing to test that case before the courts.

That we’ve gotten to this point is scary. We literally have officials saying you can’t dance at a wedding. Had someone said that would be a thing five years ago, they would have been laughed out of the room. Yet, here we are. Push back or submit because there is no other option. These people are not going to give up their newfound power.


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