Cindy McCain and Jake Tapper Trade Back-Slaps, but What Are They Afraid Of?

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Cindy McCain joined Jake Tapper this morning to back-slap each other and trade looks of bemusement. Their target was, naturally, Republicans because who else would they be ranting about?


In this case, Arizona’s ongoing audit of the 2020 election results ended up in the crosshairs, with McCain calling the effort at transparency “lunacy.”

The obvious question is: what are they so afraid of? Why get so animated about an audit, if there is nothing to find? Heck, if everything is on the up and up, then Biden will come out looking even better on the other end. At the very least, it provides some peace of mind for those who want to make sure all the votes were counted properly. Clearly, nothing about this audit is going to change the results of the election, making it even less worthy of ridicule. Let the chips fall where they may, in my opinion.

I don’t think any election-changing fraud will be discovered here, yet I’ve got no problem whatsoever with letting the audit play out. The judge handling the case agrees with me, having put the kibosh on Democrat attempts to cease the audit just last week. Acting as if our election system itself is under attack, because parties are making sure the results are correct and secure, seems rather dumb to me. It’s a “doth protest too much” moment.


Past that, I’m not sure what Cindy McCain even has to offer on this front. Is she a political pundit now? An election analyst specializing in election audits? I mean, not that she has to be those things to opine (it’s a free country, after all), but we all know why Tapper chose to interview McCain. She was always going to tell him exactly what he wanted to hear, and since Tapper’s show exists to push Democrat narratives, that was all that was required.

In the end, this audit will be completed and the results will be shared. We’ll find out if anything happened that requires fixing down the road, which is the entire purpose here. It’s not to “overturn” the election. What could possibly be threatening about that? That is unless you are worried something might be found that makes Joe Biden look bad, but that’s hardly a reason to not finish the job.


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