Tucker Carlson Responds to the Brian Sicknick Revelations With Fiery Interview

Yesterday, the major revelation that Officer Brian Sicknick had not died of injuries sustained during the January 6th unrest at the Capitol boke. According to the medical examiner who gave the determination, Sicknick died of natural causes as a result of having two strokes later in the evening. He passed at a hospital later the next day. No evidence of any irritation from a chemical attack existed either, disproving the prior theory that bear spray had somehow caused his collapse.


Tucker Carlson, who had covered the questions surrounding Sicknick’s death in detail, responded to the news last night with an interview from Glenn Greenwald.

The segment opens with a montage of media figures confidently proclaiming that Sicknick had died via being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. That story ended up being completely false, as did any assertion that the officer was murdered by anyone on January 6th.

Glenn Greenwald is then brought on to discuss the issue. He tears into the media, accusing them of purposely lying about this story to build a narrative that pushed their political desires at the time. I would concur with that assessment. Democrats desperately wanted to paint all Trump supporters as complicit in the murder of a police officer after the reports of Sicknick’s death made the news. We all remember the mocking of Republicans for their typical support for police by those on the left claiming Sicknick’s death somehow proved hypocrisy. That charge, of course, never made any sense as even if he were murdered, only those who did the act would be responsible, but I digress.


Tucker’s monologue and subsequent interview nail the issue here. We live with a news media that doesn’t value the truth at all. They will say literally anything any source feeds them as long as it helps Democrats remain in power, and that’s assuming they aren’t just making things up wholesale without any sourcing whatsoever.

As I said yesterday, the way the left used Officer Sicknick as a political prop is just disgusting in light of his true cause of death. He was just a toy to them and something to be used to attack their political enemies. They never cared about him or his family, in my opinion. You’d like to think a lesson would be learned here, but we all know that’s not going to happen. You can expect the media to double down.


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