Ron DeSantis Meets With Trump; Here's What I Think It Means

Over the weekend, a Lincoln Day fundraiser was held at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, and it was the 2024 implications that had people talking. While figures like Brian Mast and Rick Scott were in attendance (Marco Rubio canceled due to personal reasons), the two men Trump chose to seat beside him were Ron DeSantis and Mike Pompeo, both of whom have signaled coming presidential campaigns.


The Daily Mail notes that DeSantis and Trump ended up in deep conversation.

Trump was filmed deep in conversation with DeSantis while Pompeo was served ice tea, according to a video posted on Instagram.

The president’s choice of seating wasn’t random. Obviously, Trump values DeSantis and Pompeo, the latter of whom served as an excellent Secretary of State after the disaster of Rex Tillerson was expunged. For his part, DeSantis heavily supported Trump during 2020 and won in 2018, in part, by courting Trump voters directly. The Florida governor is also a star within the Republican Party now.

So what does this mean? Well, if you are one to assume Trump is going to try to run again in 2024, it may mean nothing to you. But what kind of political writer would I be if I didn’t delve into a bit of speculation?

I personally think Trump is thinking very hard on becoming a king-maker. What does he really gain by taking the risk of not ending up in the White House again after another presidential campaign? He’s a billionaire, he’ll be 78 years old, and I never got the feeling his wife was supremely happy with the constant attacks, especially after she was personally targeted by our garbage media. If you were in his shoes, at his age, would you rather play golf at your leisure, enjoy being a political rock star without having to actually perform, and spend time with your supermodel wife? Or grind for two years to hopefully gain back a thankless job that actually hurts your financial empire? As a kingmaker, Trump can enjoy all the perks without all the costs. That will include frequent trips back to the White House in the event whoever he endorses wins.


I think Trump’s recent taking to DeSantis is very purposeful. Mike Pence is unlikely to even run with his heart problems, and I doubt Trump would endorse him anyway. Pompeo is a good man, but he doesn’t strike me as a top-of-the-ticket guy, though, I won’t discount him completely. DeSantis just has a lot going for him. He’s governor of a highly successful state that he’s helped turn from purple to trending red. He’s also a charismatic speaker and an absolute bulldog when dealing with the mainstream media.

My feeling is that if Trump decides he’s not going to run again, he’s not going to sit idle like past presidents. I think he’s going to throw his weight around and endorse someone earlier on in the primaries. I think that person, unless something changes, is likely to be Ron DeSantis. If that happens, it’s going to cause an absolute meltdown on the left. Not only do they not “get rid of” Trump in that scenario because he would be front and center via his influence, but they would also then have to face the man they are absolutely terrified of in Ron DeSantis.



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