Paypal Condemns Georgia's Voter ID Law, Their Response When Challenged Will Have You Face-Palming

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

Corporations around the country are virtue-signaling about Georgia’s election reform law, of which the most controversial aspect appears to be the inclusion of a run-of-the-mill, voter ID requirement. ID is required to vote in over half the states in the Union, but because everything is stupid, we must pretend this latest law is “Jim Crow 2.0.” Yes, Joe Biden really called it that, perhaps because his mind is so gone that he can’t comprehend how stupid of a comparison that is.

With Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Major League Baseball leading the way already, PayPal has also chimed in with their condemnations over the past day. Why a payment processing site has an opinion on an election reform bill is anyone’s guess, but here we are.

After PayPal made their statement, someone on Twitter challenged them on why they require an ID to open up and maintain an account. Their response will have you face-palming. Also, it’s the weekend — so some choice gifs are inbound to express my feelings on this nonsense.

Oh, it can’t be bypassed, you say? Well, isn’t that interesting. You know what’s more important than having a PayPal account? Securing our elections, yet this woke, corporate giant decided to pretend like requiring an ID to vote is some kind of Jim Crow-era oppression. It’s insane.

It also shows that these companies haven’t even thought through their commentary. Did they think no one was going to point out their hypocrisy? Shouldn’t they have some kind of division that handles messaging, so as to prevent walking right into a buzzsaw like shown above?

I don’t know, but here’s what I think of that exchange.

Anyway, let the stupid times roll. PayPal and other corporations like it have calculated that you’ll keep using their service anyway. Perhaps they are right? In the meantime, we’ll keep calling them out for choosing to go woke instead of abiding in common sense.