CNN Says the Quiet Part out Loud About Lockdowns and Vaccinations, and It's Pure Tyranny

Sometimes tyrants just come right out and say what they mean. Last night was one of those nights.

Chris Cuomo and Leana Wen appeared together to bat around an absolutely insane idea, and it shows just how far the left in this country are willing to go to exact their will. In this case, Wen says that vaccinations should be tied to “freedoms,” denying them to those who haven’t yet gotten the shot.


I think they call this saying the quiet part out loud.

There’s a lot of irony in a “my body, my choice” proponent saying this. Remember, Wen is the former head of Planned Parenthood. Her entire schtick is that people should have such bodily autonomy that they can kill their own child if they want. Yet, now she wants to force people into lockdowns and punish them if they don’t inject their bodies with a specific substance. Makes sense, right?

It’s also scientifically illiterate. Those in age groups that are not at any real statistical risk of death have no reason to be prioritized for vaccination right now, and it would be tyrannical and asinine to force them to stay locked up until then. That also slows our path to herd immunity down.

And what about the tens of millions of people who have already had the virus in the United States? Science continues to show that anti-body immunity is effective and we’ve yet to see any large number of re-infections, even going back to those who had it over a year ago. The proof of that can be found in a complete lack of reporting of such incidents. The occasional anecdote will be shared, but that only drives the statistical case home harder. If immunity for those previously infected wasn’t long-lasting, we’d have seen huge spikes among those people by now.


But really, none of that should even matter.

What should matter here is that we are a nation of freedoms, at least ostensibly. The government is not supposed to be able to take away your rights until you agree to do what they say. Wen must not grasp that ideal because she casts it completely aside via her commentary, and Chris Cuomo fills the role of bobblehead, nodding in agreement. Regardless, whether they grasp it or not, it exists, and any news network pushing the idea that freedoms should be limited in such a way isn’t a news network at all. They are a dangerous propaganda firm.



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