Watch: Ron DeSantis Has the Perfect Answer for Biden's 'Vaccine Passport' Idea

If Ron DeSantis isn’t setting himself up for 2024, he’s doing a really good job at looking like he is. The Governor of Florida has been hitting all the rights notes since narrowly defeating Andrew Gillum in 2018. DeSantis has separated himself as the best governor in the country when it comes to handling COVID, having kept his state open with a below-average death rate and a booming economy.


DeSantis has also stepped up to the plate on other issues like big tech. Now, he’s got an answer for Biden’s “vaccine passport” idea, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from someone who has shown no fear of the political establishment.

The idea of a vaccine passport is ridiculous. There are tens of millions of people who have already had COVID and are immune. They don’t need to rush out and get the vaccine, which relieves any strain on the supply so those who are actually most vulnerable can be taken care of. Further, it’s simply a completely anti-American mindset to tell people they must have a certain vaccine to operate within the confines of normal life. It’s one thing to require it for children in a public school. It’s another to require it to go to the grocery store or to a ballgame.

This is also a very slippery slope. You start handing government this kind of power, and there will be many other things they suddenly “require” before you can do basic things, and those things will conveniently conform to whatever the left-wing wants at the time.


Regarding DeSantis’ comments, I especially like that he calls into question the wisdom of handing giant corporations even more power and information. Does Target have a right to know your medical history before you can go buy your kid a new backpack? Doing that would also require a lot more red tape and administrative costs. And for what, exactly? If you aren’t in a vulnerable category and those who are have been vaccinated (a majority of seniors have already gotten their first shot), the risks are basically non-existent.

America was founded on individualism and the privacy that comes with that. I’m not anti-vaccine at all, but making it compulsory, especially for those not in the real risk demographics, is a slap in the face to the core principles of our nation. And as I said, the precedent set would be harshly abused going forward. DeSantis is doing the right thing by slapping this down at the state level. Biden can push whatever he wants. It’s not going to happen in these red states, and certainly not in Florida.



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