The Most Insane Take on Georgia's Election Law Has Gone Forth, and My Word

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The consternation around Georgia’s reform of their election laws is reaching peak levels. This morning I wrote on Joe Biden’s nonsensical rantings on the topic, but that is tame compared to this next hot take.


Get your fire extinguisher ready for this one.

If you’ve never heard of this guy, he’s a renowned race-baiter and intellectual light-weight. To get a better feel of that, I’d highly encourage you to go to YouTube and look up Dyson’s debate with Jordan Peterson. It’s an absolute bloodbath, and not in Dyson’s favor.

Regardless, notice the game being played here. Given that the law actually makes necessary changes to shore up counting procedures and even expands early voting, the left has decided the actual great sin here is that it banned strangers from handing out water to people in line. Yes, that’s the great issue of our time. Of course, that’s something you’ve probably never seen happen in your own experience because strangers don’t typically just show up to hand out water to people in voting lines.

The point of the Georgia law in limiting who can hand out water (poll workers still can hand out donated water, and you can bring your own as well) is to prevent electioneering. Anytime non-voters start interacting with voters in line, the integrity of the process is called into question. That’s why we have laws banning other forms of handouts to voters in line or inside polling places.


Notice how ridiculous Dyson’s comparison even is. Voting may be a civic duty, but it’s certainly not being nailed to a cross, tortured, dehydrated, and ultimately murdered. But I guess it’s perfectly fine to make light of Christianity and Jesus Christ if it means you can take a shot at Republicans, right? I can say with no inhibitions that Republicans would not, in fact, ever pass a law making it illegal to give Jesus water on the cross so consider that a crisis averted.

You just knew this idiocy would come from a program like Joy Reid’s. She is by far the most conspiratorial nut-job on TV. Her program is a constant spewing of racist, hateful rhetoric towards anyone who isn’t on the far-left, and while MSNBC has no real standards, Reid’s show is so far gone that it still feels a bit surprising they let this continue.

Anyway, there it is. The most insane take on Georgia’s election laws has now gone forth. Make of it what you will.



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