Democrat Representative Arrested on Video for What I've Been Assured Is Insurrection

(Michael Holahan/The Augusta Chronicle via AP)

This week, Gov. Brian Kemp signed a sweeping election reform bill into law in Georgia. It sought to deal with many of the issues that appeared during the 2020 election, including late reporting of results and what some viewed as an abuse of mail-in voting.

In response, one Georgia state representative by the name of Park Cannon decided to barge into the building where Kemp’s office resides. The governor was in the middle of signing the bill when Cannon refused to leave and started banging on his door against the orders of police.

Then this happened.

Of course, that’s a reporter for the far-left Atlanta-Journal Constitution proclaiming that what Kemp was doing was restricting elections. In reality, he’s attempting to secure them, stopping ridiculously overbroad mail-in voting periods and preventing counties from keeping secret the number of outstanding ballots left. Provisions also require reporting by a certain date now instead of the chaotic free-for-all we saw after last November’s election.

Regardless, I’ve been absolutely assured by flaming-haired liberals and their media allies for the last three months that any attempt to interfere in the democratic process is sedition and an attempt at insurrection. That’s exactly what Cannon was doing. She does not have a right to trespass and then harass the governor for simply doing his job. She also doesn’t have a right to continually disobey the officers tasked with protecting the governor.

Despite that, Sen. Jon Ossoff decided to virtue signal because that’s all our political class is good for.

She’s probably charged with a felony for the same thing some of the selfie-takers on January 6th were charged for. Is Ossoff now against those people being prosecuted? Or does he want different rules for different people? It’s amazing. The same smart set who set their hair on fire over unarmed people entering the Capitol, proclaiming it a direct attack on the democratic process and sedition, think it’s totally fine for Cannon to barge into the governor’s complex and start banging on his door in an attempt to stop him from signing a bill into law.

Of course, in reality, neither what happened on January 6th nor what happened here is an “insurrection.” It’s simply unruliness that should be dealt with through the normal channels of the law. Cannon was arrested because she committed a crime. It’s not any more complicated than that.


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