Rand Paul Dunks All Over Dr. Fauci, Brings the Receipts

Rand Paul Dunks All Over Dr. Fauci, Brings the Receipts
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

That headline’s probably a bit dramatic, but man, I do enjoy watching when overtly political, authoritarian gnomes get put in their place. Sen. Rand Paul already had his way with the exalted Dr. Anthony Fauci a few days ago (see Rand Paul Backs Fauci Against the Wall After Eviscerating Him on COVID-19 Double Mask Theater).

Here’s that clip, in case you missed it.

Today, Paul decided to dig up more receipts to further prove his point, and it shows just how stupid the cult of mask culture has become.

Right now, we are being told by know-nothings desperate to hold onto power that you need to wear a mask after vaccination. To be frank, there’s basically no science behind that idea. As Fauci has said before, he’s just out here making “judgment” calls, ignoring that studies show that immunity is real and lasting, not only for those who have gotten vaccinated, but also for those who have contracted and recovered from the virus.

Fauci had originally tried to dismiss Paul’s assertions during congressional testimony last week.

So, are we going to follow the science or not? That seems like a reasonable question at this point. I mean, if we can’t trust scientific studies showing that wearing masks after garnering immunity is pure idiocy, then what can we trust? Why does Fauci know better than scientists who are actually doing real work, instead of spending all their time appearing on cable news? Fauci has shown himself to be a political hack, and his gut feelings shouldn’t override actual science.

But as Paul said, this is really about bureaucrats and petty tyrants keeping the fear flowing. Once deaths and cases recede, they need a new bogeyman and claiming that “new variants” pose a clear and present danger is the latest talking point. Fauci and the Biden administration want an excuse to say that things can’t return to normal. This is their excuse.

Meanwhile, science says that the chances of being re-infected are almost zero. Further, the current vaccines are largely effective against the known, new variants of COVID-19. There’s simply no logical reason to keep masking up and pushing other oppressive mitigation measures. If Fauci had his way, you’d never take your mask off again. That’s not how this is going to work, though. The more the government pushes these draconian, baseless edicts, the more people are simply going to tune them out, and that’s exactly what should happen.


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