United Auto Workers Endorsed Biden, Then This Happened

United Auto Workers Endorsed Biden, Then This Happened
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While former President Donald Trump did manage to make inroads among private-sector unions in ways previous Republicans had not, Joe Biden still racked up the lion’s share of endorsements. That was expected given the lock-step in which most union leadership operate when it comes to supporting Democrat candidates.

One of those unions that didn’t cross lines in 2020 was the United Auto Workers. They went all-out for the current White House resident, and now, they are paying the price. Yesterday, news broke that Ford is moving a nearly billion-dollar investment to Mexico, a move that had been fought off during the Trump years.

It’s almost like you get what you vote for, right? Trump spent his entire presidency vocally opposing the outsourcing of jobs, and one of his biggest focuses was saving the auto industry. It wasn’t that these car companies liked Trump. They actually despised him, but they knew that if they crossed him, he’d put them on blast for the entire country to hear. Trump also helped negotiate several deals involving tax incentives that kept jobs here in America.

Our current president can’t put in that kind of work to protect the jobs of these unions. All he can manage to do is sign executive orders a few times a week while his handlers shuffle him around and hide him from the press. Asking anything more of him would be elder abuse given his current, limited condition.

That begs the question of why exactly the UAW endorsed Biden in the first place? No president in modern history had gotten more directly involved to help preserve the auto industry than Trump. Yet, UAW’s leadership decided to throw their support behind a barely alive, geriatric who isn’t even capable of giving them any attention. If there was ever a year to endorse a Republican, it was 2020, but the leadership shunned the best interests of their members again because that’s what these union cronies do.

Maybe the rank and file in these unions should start taking these matters more seriously and force some changes? There was zero justification to endorse Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the last election. On merit, Trump was far better for the auto industry. He was trying to save jobs, not export them while claiming people can go build solar panels (that are mostly built in China anyway). But you get what you vote for, and these private-sector unions made the wrong choice. Now, they will pay the price for that decision.


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