News Flies Around that the Kremlin Was Behind the Hunter Biden Laptop Story, but There's a Big Catch

News Flies Around that the Kremlin Was Behind the Hunter Biden Laptop Story, but There's a Big Catch
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Today, Joe Biden’s ODNI released a report on supposed election interference during the 2020 election. I won’t get into the details as another RedState contributor is going to cover it at length a little later. What I will say is that it’s the typical, politicized garbage you’d expect from the Biden administration, seeking to deflect to nominal threats so we can ignore how dangerous China and Iran are.

Regardless, news is now flying around via an editor at Defense One that the report shows that the Kremlin was behind the Hunter Biden laptop story. Assuming you weren’t in a coma in 2020, you’ll probably remember that as the bombshell news that Hunter Biden was basically in league with China and that Joe Biden himself was mentioned as being involved financially. Social media sites relentlessly censored the story, which was completely true, in a highly successful attempt at actual election interference.

Here’s the claim from Patrick Tucker that has gone viral.

Sounds bad, right? Joe Biden’s intelligence community gathered evidence that the Kremlin set up and planted the Hunter Biden story in an attempt to defeat Joe Biden. Clearly Trump was colluding with the Russians and The New York Post was basically a Russian asset for publishing the report in the first place.

But wait, I did mention there was a big catch and woo boy. In reality, Peter Tucker’s claim about the ODNI report is 100% false. He either can’t read, or he made it up whole cloth.

Chris Hayes also took the bait. He’s since deleted his tweet.

Tucker would later try to clean up his mess, saying he won’t delete the tweet because some Russian dude was “clearly” the source of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Actually, yes, it is a falsehood. Nowhere in the report is the Hunter Biden laptop story even mentioned. Further, the source of that story was the computer repair shop owner who went to various media outlets and Rudy Giuliani. Andriy Derkach, whoever that is, did not falsify emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop and leave it at a repair shop without paying. There is no evidence whatsoever that he was involved in somehow framing Hunter Biden. Tucker’s claims are simply lies, and he doesn’t care.

Our media are absolute garbage, folks. If you think they are ever going to change or learn a lesson, they aren’t. Republicans have to just be prepared to deal with and call this nonsense out because when there are no repercussions for lying, the media will simply keep lying.


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