Don Lemon's Comments on God Aren't Just Mind-Blowingly Stupid, They Are Highly Offensive

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If you needed more proof that CNN is populated by disingenuous, intellectually flaccid hacks, here you go.

Today, Don Lemon appeared on The View for reasons that are unbeknownst to the average human being. In between his typical left-leaning hysteria about various topics, the CNN host managed to make a statement about God that is so completely false that it meets my late grandmother’s “a lie so bad it’s a wonder he didn’t burst into flames” standard.


RedState’s Nick Arama provided initial coverage of the clip earlier today.

I’m gonna get on my soap-box here so consider this your warning. I won’t get too preachy, as this is a political blog after all, but some things deserve a good rebuke.

Let’s put aside the arguments about same-sex marriage in the secular sense as they’ve been done to death and are largely irrelevant to this discussion. Yet, it’s certainly within the Vatican’s right to follow what they see as scriptural doctrine on the matter, is it not? And while I’m not Catholic myself, I’m not sure who Don Lemon believes he is to lecture Catholics on what they do or don’t choose to bless within their religious dogma.

Regardless, what really struck me here wasn’t the complaint about the Vatican, but rather the reasoning used to counter the Vatican’s decision. On what planet is God not about “hindering” or “even judging” people? The word judgment is used almost 300 times in the bible across both testaments. Even the most varied readings of the Gospels show a God who harshly judges sin, offering salvation through Christ as the remedy to a soul condemned. Again, not to get too preachy, but there’s just no way to believe in the God of the Bible and think that He’s not about “judging” people.


What Lemon is doing here is not only wrong, it’s offensive. If left-wing CNN hosts want to live their lives as they see fit, they are welcome to do so. The freedom afforded by the country he so often trashes as systematically racist still gives him that ability in full. I’m not suggesting the government get involved in any way. My belief on same-sex marriage has been consistent in that I don’t think it benefits anyone for the secular government to enforce a certain moral belief on the matter. But what Lemon and others don’t get to do is change the very fundamental basis of who God is simply to meet their preferred, carnal beliefs.

It’s one thing to genuinely disagree about what is or isn’t sinful in the singular sense. It’s another to try to turn God into a fluffy, left-wing caricature that absconds from all judgment so Don Lemon can feel good about himself. If one doesn’t believe God sits in judgment of man, then there’s no point in salvation. Jesus is reduced to a meaningless prop in that scenario. That’s an incredibly false and dangerous view of Christianity for a supposed Christian to take.




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