Trump's Effort to Challenge the 2020 Election Results Just Officially Ended

Trump's Effort to Challenge the 2020 Election Results Just Officially Ended
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As of this morning, Donald Trump’s effort to challenge the 2020 election results has officially ended. An appeal of a dismissed lawsuit that centered on Wisconsin has been rejected by the Supreme Court. There are no more outstanding cases from Trump or his representatives, and it’s unlikely anything else gets pursued at this point.

This per The Hill.

The Supreme Court on Monday denied a bid by former President Trump to nullify his electoral loss in Wisconsin, rejecting the former president’s final pending appeal over the results of the 2020 election. 

In an unsigned order, the justices declined to take up Trump’s lawsuit alleging Wisconsin election officials violated the Constitution by expanding absentee voting amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

The story was still developing at the time of this writing, but pretty soon we’ll know exactly how each member of the high court voted on this manner. My guess is that all the Trump-appointed Justices voted against hearing the case given that’s been the pattern up until this point.

The Pennsylvania case, wherein there was ample evidence the state ignored their own constitution to expand mail-in voting, was by far the strongest, in my opinion. Not even that one was given a proper hearing, though, with the court deciding the issue was moot. The justices clearly just have no stomach for touching any of these issues, and that’s going to open a huge can of worms going forward. The time to settle these matters is now, not during or after the next election. With Pennsylvania not being reprimanded for such a blatant act, you can bet the Democrats in charge there, and in other states will push the lines even further.

While some states, such as Georgia, have passed election reform bills that should help the situation (at least in some capacity), it does appear that the landscape will remain mostly the same going into 2022. Republicans will have to pursue wider and wider vote margins in the hope of overcoming any possible corruption or unfairness in the system (i.e. ballot harvesting, etc.). That’s not a good thing, and it will only lead to less belief in the system being fair.


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