Kyrsten Sinema Throws the Left's Standard Right Back in Their Face, and the Freak out Continues

As RedState reported yesterday, the Democrat dream of raising the minimum wage to $15/hr was crushed at the hands of eight Democrat crossovers. The measure, originally panned by the Senate parliamentarian and said to cost up to 1.3 million jobs, was forced to a vote by Bernie Sanders.


One senator made an especially big show of her vote, though, causing a great triggering on the left.

It wasn’t just rose Twitter (aka Bernie supporters) that got mad about Sinema’s vote. The media also set out to villainize the Arizona senator, with one reporter bringing up the cost of her handbag, which laughably was only a $70-$80 Lululemon piece. I mean, it’s not like she was sporting $600 tennis shoes like a certain Democrat First Lady used to.

The Hill tried to get a rise out of Sinema over the whole ordeal, and she threw the left’s standard right back in their face.

Sinema is a liberal on 90% of issues, but you have to admire her consistency and how she handles her own side in the times she does spurn them. To take the criticism and turn it on its head by pointing out the left-wing standard about judging a woman’s physical demeanor and actions is really good stuff.


Of course, that only brought about more gnashing of teeth.

You love to see it.

Here’s what all these Democrat socialists and the like don’t understand. Sinema was elected as a moderate in a state that rewards playing the middle. This is the same Arizona that sent John McCain back to Washington over and over. Every time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or whoever trashes Sinema, she only gets stronger. She wants to be able to go back to her home state and tout her ability to go against her own party. All the Twitter consternation in the world isn’t going to change her mind. The same is true for Joe Manchin, who is threading a needle in one of the reddest states in the union.


In other words, all the criticism is pointless. It’s exactly what Sinema wants. That’s why she had no qualms with bringing a cake to the Senate and throwing a thumbs down out for the cameras. She has no fear because she’s a shoo-in for re-election as long as she keeps her “maverick” persona at the forefront.

That drives the left-wingers in Queens crazy, but it really doesn’t matter what they think.



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