Ted Cruz Releases Blistering Thread, Exposes Biden Administration Ties to China

Earlier this week, Joe Biden’s nominee for the head of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra made a jaw-dropping statement in regards to the genocide going on in China. Tom Cotton pointed it out as the current California Attorney General’s probable confirmation nears, something that will no doubt be made possible by some Republican votes.


Try to imagine what would happen if Donald Trump defended China’s genocide of the Uyghurs by putting it off on cultural differences, noting that it doesn’t make one country’s ways better than the other. I think that might become a major story, don’t you?

Regardless, the ties to China by Biden and his administration officials (or prospective officials) go far and wide. Sen. Ted Cruz, who opposes Becerra’s nomination, released a blistering thread yesterday afternoon in which he exposes many of the disturbing connections to the CCP.


As you can see, the ties and corruption run deep. Someone like Gina Raimondo, who can’t commit to keeping Huawei, a Chinese controlled company that has spied on American citizens, on the Entity List, has no business being anywhere near the power levers of this country. The EB-5 scandal with Alejandro Mayorkas was previously reported. He has faced no punishment or real investigation. Others like Linda Thomas-Greenfield have simply acted as mouthpieces for the CCP, white washing their human rights abuses at every turn.

That Joe Biden would even bother to offer up any of these people is a testament to how little respect he has for voters and the press, the latter of which he knows will defend him no matter what. All of these ties to China, a nation that is clearly our top geopolitical and military foe, should have been immediately disqualifying. Instead, the media defend them as “diverse” and pretend that their race and sex somehow override any legitimate concerns about how they would handle policy and head their respective agencies.


Of course, no one’s ties to China are more problematic than Joe Biden himself given his position as president. His son has been shown to be deeply enthralled to CCP interests. Biden himself has spent decades shilling for China, proclaiming their rise to international prominence as a good thing for the world. Again, all of this should have been disqualifying, but we don’t have a press willing to touch these issues because it might hurt Democrats. It’s a sad scene.

What’s even sadder is that there will be Republicans, including figures like Lisa Murkowski, that will still go on record to support some of these nominees. A more unified, viable GOP would be walking in lock-step to vote no on every single one. We simply don’t have a more unified, viable GOP, though. Regardless, good on Cruz for speaking out on these important issues and being a leader here.



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