Florida Polling on Ron DeSantis Is Out, and Irrational Left-Wingers Are Gonna Be Ticked

Some of the first polling (at least that I’ve seen) of Ron DeSantis’ re-election chances in Florida is out, and it’s not going to make irrational left-wingers happy.


For the last year, DeSantis has been relentlessly attacked and vilified with false claims about his COVID response. This despite the fact that his state is above average (in a good way) in deaths per one million compared to other states while maintaining a strong economy. It’s the polar opposite of what disaster zones like New York and California look like, the latter of which now leads the country in deaths after enforcing brutal lock downs.

Many blue states have destroyed their economies while not producing better health results. You’d think that’d be worthy of scorn, but the media and the left focus on DeSantis because he represents an existential threat to them as the future of the Republican party.

So has their all out assault worked? In a word, no, no it hasn’t.

DeSantis isn’t just favored for re-election at this point. He’s favored to win in a landslide. DeSantis leads Nikki Fried, his most talked about possible competition, by a 51% to 42% margin. Meanwhile, Charlie Crist (who was once a “Republican”) gets stomped 52% to 41%. Even if you assume the undecideds break for the Democrat by three quarters, something that won’t happen (they’ll likely favor the incumbent), DeSantis still wins comfortably.


This goes past just becoming governor again, though. It shows that DeSantis can weather a completely ginned up, unfair storm and come out stronger on the other side. He’s like the Jedi of politics, and that’s going to be a very useful skill if he ends up the 2024 nominee. DeSantis’ ability to appeal in purple states will be unmatched by most other contenders.

As to the irrationality of the left, here’s how they are taking the news that DeSantis is favored to return.

These arguments aren’t even worth responding to anymore. They make no sense, aren’t based in any data, and ignore the context of how blue states across the nation are doing. Lefties still pretending DeSantis is some unique evil are just showing themselves to be intellectual idiots at this point.

Regardless, there are a lot of Republican governors who would have not stuck to their guns and would be teetering right now. DeSantis showed he has the fortitude to make the tough decisions and benefit from them down the line. If Trump does end up playing kingmaker, there’s little doubt in my mind that DeSantis needs to be the one receiving the crown.




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