Trump Owns the Fact-Checkers Without Even Being in Office

Trump Owns the Fact-Checkers Without Even Being in Office
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As RedState has reported on extensively, the sudden shift in language and tenor toward the Biden administration regarding immigration is striking. We’ve gone from “kids in cages” to “over-flow facilities” despite there being no real change in conditions. Further, Biden is largely responsible for the surge at the border given his irresponsible rhetoric that has served as a big, flashing endorsement of crossing the border illegally.

All of this has left the media, the White House, and the fact-checkers in a pickle. How do they truly spin their constant denunciation of Trump now that Biden is doing the same things, in the same facilities?

The Daily Caller’s Eddie Zipperer noted the problem the fact-checking industry now faces, and I think it’s a hilarious, yet incredibly prudent point.

You see, the “cages” that the left so wailed about under Trump were really chain link fencing that served as initial holding in detention facilities. The press continually used Obama-era pictures of said facilities to go after the Trump administration in one of the greater bits of media dishonesty we’ve seen in the last decade. The realities of the situation were eschewed for partisan gain, as if CBP and ICE could just release children onto the street and tell them to figure it out.

But here’s the kicker — the facilities now being re-opened under Biden were built under Trump. Therefore, in order for a fact-checker to note that the conditions have improved under Biden, they’d have to admit that it was Trump who actually improved the conditions while also revealing it was Obama who so badly screwed them up in the first place.

Regardless, the children are no less detained than they were before. Tents and shipping containers with barred windows are hardly a bastion of freedom, though the optics are slightly better, I suppose. Yet, there’s some serious poetic justice in the Biden administration having to now own criticism for what they formerly used as a political cudgel.

There’s a part of me that thinks it’s fair to point out that the Biden administration has no other real choice but to detain these children. As I said, you can’t just release them onto the street. With that said, Democrats deserve no defense on this matter because they chose to weaponize it when it was convenient for them. Now, they have to own the standards they so dishonestly set forth.

As conservatives are prone to say these days, the new rules are in effect. Enjoy them.


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