Boris Johnson Slaps at Trump, Fluffs Joe Biden With Ridiculous Statement

I’m sure most of you are old enough to remember the United Kingdom during its battle to exit the European Union. If you aren’t, you can’t read, so you wouldn’t be looking at this article anyway. During that contentious battle, Boris Johnson took the role of Prime Minister while in the throes of great opposition domestically and abroad. To be frank, he had few allies and an entire European conglomerate trying to screw him as hard as they could for daring to seek sovereignty for his nation.


During that time, there was one man who stuck his neck out for Johnson, though. Then President Donald Trump offered to make up trade shortfalls and steadfastly gave public support for the completion of Brexit. He did that despite it angering other European allies while giving the U.S. no real benefit. Further, the UK is currently giving vaccinations with a vaccine developed under Trump.

Well, apparently Johnson has a weird way of showing his appreciation. He decided to slap at Trump and fluff Joe Biden while at the Munich Security Conference, which is basically just a gathering of freeloaders that love to take advantage of the United States.

What an ungrateful flack. While the European left and center were making fun of this guy and turning him into an international joke, Trump gave him the leverage he needed on trade to get Brexit done in a way that didn’t crush the UK economy. Meanwhile, his countrymen are being shot up with a vaccine developed under Operation Warp Speed here in the United States. But Trump wasn’t the “leader of the free world” while Biden is? That seems like a pretty ridiculous statement to make.


Of course, the explanation here is much simpler than it may appear. As I said above, most European nations operate as freeloaders. Biden becoming president means a return to the status quo of the U.S. paying for their defense without any pushback. It also offers a huge shift in policy towards Iran, which the Western European nations have an absolute obsession with protecting.

In other words, even an anti-globalist European is still a globalist at heart. Johnson should be better than this, but I guess he’s not. We’ll always have the memes, though.



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