Democrat Ron Kim Brings the Receipts Against Andrew Cuomo, and Woo Boy

Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

Andrew Cuomo’s fall from grace has been perhaps one of the better moments of 2021 so far. The Emmy-winning governor (yes, our celebrity class are really that stupid) has had his cover-up of nursing home deaths, and his culpability, blown up in the last several weeks. Figures like Fox News’ Janice Dean, who championed the fight against Cuomo, have been vindicated in dramatic fashion.


Meanwhile, it’s not just those on the right who have had enough. Democrats in New York are turning against Cuomo as well, with one, in particular, making big waves.

Ron Kim, a New York lawmaker, alleges that he was personally threatened by Cuomo to change his story on the nursing home scandal. Kim went on MSNBC this morning to give his account of the interaction.

Cuomo and his inner circle of flacks are claiming Kim is lying, though no excuse has been given as to why Kim would have any reason to do that. He’s not just a Democrat. He’s a hardcore left-winger and consummate party man. The last thing Kim would have the motivation to do is to help take down one of the most prominent Democrats in the country via some made-up tale.

That fact became clear after Kim appeared on a local news broadcast this morning. During the interview, the anchor asked him to prove that Cuomo had made the phone calls in question. Unfortunately for the New York governor, Kim brought the receipts, holding up his call history on live TV for everyone to see.


Yeah, that’s not gonna help Cuomo’s case. He’s running around trying to bully and threaten people like a mob-boss. Meanwhile, members of his own party have had enough and are pushing back on him. The FBI is involved now as well, though you can put about as much trust in them as you can taking a seat on a rotten bench. Cuomo’s original order to send COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes was disastrous, but probably not illegal. The cover-up of the numbers to thwart the DOJ was likely obstruction of justice, though. Threatening Kim will only make Cuomo’s plate of woes more full.

This couldn’t all be happening to a better guy.




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